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Need a pigtail or connector?  Tired of searching for a needle in a haystack? has hundreds of thousands of automotive pigtails at our fingertips and now…you do too. Just click-to-order. If you need a connector, we’ll lead the way and guide you to the perfect match.  The process: It’s simple.  The match: It’s perfect. It’s never been easier.  Just select the connector you need from our picture.   Call the search off.  You no longer have to search salvage yards, make multiple phone calls and waste precious cycle time.  One click, one pick (or more) and you’ll have the pigtail delivered to your doorstep in no time.  Our Focus: Work smarter, not harder.  No quotes, no waiting by the phone for one of our representatives to contact you.  Just pick and click.  All pricing and pictures are right in front of your eyes…we’ve already done all of the legwork, so you wouldn’t have to.


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