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Thank you very much for choosing - we are appreciative that you've found us & will do whatever it takes to offer you the best customer service possible. We work tiredlessly to help support and aide in any improvements for cycle time & severity.

Check our our homepage to explore our full array of pigtails, ways to search & our entire online catalog. Search by Keyword, Vehicle Filtering, Year/Make/Mode, Terminals & Vin # or Manufacturer. Coupon Code over there 👉

Need a pigtail or connector?  Tired of searching for a needle in a haystack? has hundreds of thousands of automotive pigtails at our fingertips and now…you do too.

Pigtails should not cause severity & cycle time issues.

Find yours in 30 seconds.

With many intuitive ways to search & find the connector you need, you'll never waste precious time again. Preliminary estimates, we understand, need to be locked quickly...and that's why we're here 👉 to help you!

🔎Search by: Keywords, year-make-model, manufacturer, terminals, VIN#

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Our pigtail pros are 12-Volt lead technicians who know all things pigtails and will guide you with...
🏆Schematics Support, Tech Help, Immediate, need-it-now answers, photo cross-referencing, pigtail & harness repair & more.


Mon-Fri 7:30am-7:00pm CST
Saturday: limited hours

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If you need immediate, need-it-now answers, schematics help or quick Q&As...

Live-Chat with us, now (bottom, right of your window). You will hear our pigtail pros in 20 seconds or less. We don't want you to wait because we know severity & cycle time is important.