Automotive Connectors and Pigtails: Top-Selling Makes and Models in 2018

What About Top-Selling Makes and Models?

The top-selling automotive pigtails and connectors were listed on here a few weeks ago…but what about the makes/models?

Are Nissan connectors our top-selling or do Honda connectors fly off the shelves.  Below is a list of which manufacturers were our top selling pigtails and connectors:

  1. Toyota Connectors: These took the top-spot for most sold in 2018
  2. Honda: A close second were Honda connectors mainly headlight and fog lamp pigtails and plugs
  3. Subaru: Surprising, but true. Subaru connectors jumped from #12 to #3.
  4. Nissan: With blind spot monitor sensors being a common stable on most Nissan vehicles, Nissan connectors remain in the top-5
  5. Hyundai: Fog lamp connectors for Hyundai are one of the most common so it’s no surprise Hyundai is in the top-5
  6. Kia
  7. Dodge
  8. Infiniti
  9. Chevy
  10. Ford

Eric Palazzolo