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Palm Springs, CA 2019: NABC

By Eric Palazzolo | January 17, 2019
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Pigtails, Connectors in CA, California

FindPigtails at NABC, Recycled Rides

By Eric Palazzolo | January 16, 2019
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Nissan’s Latest Autonomous Technology

By Eric Palazzolo | January 10, 2019

Is Nissan becoming one of the leaders (or The Leader)

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Terminal Release Tool

Repairing Automotive Connectors, Pigtails and Wire Harnesses

By Eric Palazzolo | January 6, 2019

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Automotive Connectors and Pigtails: Top-Selling Makes and Models in 2018

By Eric Palazzolo | January 6, 2019

What About Top-Selling Makes and Models? The top-selling automotive pigtails and connectors were listed on here a few weeks ago…but what about the makes/models? Are Nissan connectors our top-selling or do Honda connectors fly off the shelves.  Below is a list of which manufacturers were our top selling pigtails and…

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blind spot monitor sensor, fog lamp connector, headlight connector

Top Selling Connectors, This Year

By Eric Palazzolo | December 22, 2018

    In the last few years connectors, pigtails, plugs (whatever you’d prefer to call them) have changed a bit in terms of most common, top-selling.  Just a short, few years ago for example, it was uncommon for Nissan to have blind spot monitor connectors on most vehicles-if at all.…

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Severity Saver Demo

By Eric Palazzolo | November 13, 2018
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We’ve Re-Located!

By Eric Palazzolo | October 21, 2018

Here’s our new address:  9215 Thomasville Dr. Houston, TX 77064 Local? Same-Day, Immediate pick-up now available.

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By Eric Palazzolo | October 16, 2018

Come visit us at Booth 16026.

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Bad wire vs. Good Wire: What happens with a flame?

By Eric Palazzolo | October 5, 2018

One option for a wire repair is utilizing a solder iron with or without an open flame. One key characteristic to keep in mind is the quality of the wire you are repairing and/soldering. Some, “cheaper” or less quality variations of these types of wires can easily catch fire and…

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