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Digital Catalog: Automotive Connectors for Fog Lamp, Blind Spot and Side Marker Plugs and Pigtails. Here are the most popular.

Below you will find a quick video of the most commonly used automotive connectors, pigtails and plugs. Most importantly, these pigtails can often be damaged in automotive collisions; therefore it’s important (if you’re in the automotive repair industry) to keep a few of these in your inventory. Side Note: We provide highly discounted pricing on…

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Top-Selling pigtails for 2019: Buy 2, get 1 free.

Fog Lamp Connectors and Head Lamp Connectors

Top Selling Connectors So Far in 2019 *Buy 2, get 1 free. (see below for details) These three automotive connectors, so far, are the most common & top-selling in 2019. Y27C2 (Z27c2): Fog Lamp connector/plug and Headlamp/Headlight. This pigtail can be used for select Lexus, Toyota, Honda (and more) makes/models.  L42B2: Fog Lamp connector/plug and…

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