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Top Selling Connectors, This Year

blind spot monitor sensor, fog lamp connector, headlight connector

    In the last few years connectors, pigtails, plugs (whatever you’d prefer to call them) have changed a bit in terms of most common, top-selling.  Just a short, few years ago for example, it was uncommon for Nissan to have blind spot monitor connectors on most vehicles-if at all. So…for 2018 (below) you’ll find…

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Bad wire vs. Good Wire: What happens with a flame?

One option for a wire repair is utilizing a solder iron with or without an open flame. One key characteristic to keep in mind is the quality of the wire you are repairing and/soldering. Some, “cheaper” or less quality variations of these types of wires can easily catch fire and are more flammable, thus leading…

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Important Message…Hurricane Harvey

Important Message: Hurricane Harvey will be having an impact on us since we are in a direct path of the storm.  Because of that, starting Friday night & possibly into next week there may be delays in processing your order with us, UPS & FedEx.  We strongly apologize for this inconvenience & regret any missed…

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