Eliminate Connector Severity Problems

Automotive Harness Connectors and Severity

Cycle time issues can be eliminated on preliminary estimates.

To get the correct information ASAP is so important on the front-end of collision claims. We’ve recently went from an average of 30 seconds for customers to find their pigtails to now 10 seconds. Our new, pigtail smart app is the reason why and you can try our Instant photo matching technology, here.

3 ways to help improve severity, cycle time and connector searches:

  1. Be proactive on the front-end of your claim. When you notice a pigtail damaged (like a blind spot connector) or missing immediately open up the findpigtails smart app. Even if the pigtail is missing or too damaged, still…upload it as a photo and you’ll be live-chatting with a schematics pigtail and connector expert in seconds.
  2. Live-Chat for ASAP answers, tech help or schematics support. You can live-chat from any findpigtails.com page. Within 20-30 seconds you’ll be chatting with us to share photos in real-time, receive support, pricing or order.
  3. Even if you’re told that “you need the whole electrical wiring harness” still get a seconds opinion and verify. See why, here.Β Too often we see a repair shop unnecessarily order a full wire harness.

And one more thing. For quick reference to the top-10 automotive connectors in the collision repair industry, just click here.Β 

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Eric Palazzolo