How to find your automotive connector in ten seconds.

Eliminate severity problems for automotive connectors when writing your preliminary estimates.

A new, game-changing pigtail technology was recently released to help the collision and automotive repair industry.

Time is money.

Severity and cycle time, too.

Days can be wasted while you search for a missing electrical connector. This can include salvage yard scavenger hunts, multiple phone calls, searching different vendors, calling different dealerships and more — just for a pigtail.

It’s true.

We’ve seen a small fog lamp pigtail, a blind spot pigtail, ECM, headlamp, side marker, horn and ambient temperature pigtails cause massive delays and unnecessary expenditures while searching and  waiting for the correct part.

No longer.

We continue to be a leader in customer service speed, helpfulness, schematics support and knowledge, Nationwide via our Live-Chat. You can find it anywhere on
In fact we’ve recently improved our 30 second response time average down to 24 seconds.

But it’s since gotten better. 

The New Pigtail Smart App makes your pigtail searches the easiest part of your day.  With just a few seamless steps, you’ll be guided to the perfect match in 10 seconds. 

See for yourself here.

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Eric Palazzolo