L51B2 | Automotive OEM Wire Harness Connector

L51B2 | Hyundai and Kia Horn Pigtail/Connector

The main function of this automotive pigtail is:

This pigtail is also apart of our most common, top-selling connector kit which can be seen here.

As a 2-pin or 2-terminal connector, this pigtail can be repaired via the de-pin, re-pin method. We have videos on how to do that here. 

What’s important about repairing this pigtail is how careful you have to be. To get a closer look of this pigtail, zoomed in, you can see that here.

To be careful means to use the right tools when you de-pin this connector. After you remove the front seal (the yellow “face”) you then want to remove the wires/terminals from the housing. To do that, we recommend using a miniature screwdriver repair set or a terminal release tool kit. We have some here.
Gently maneuver the terminal release tool underneath the “catch” release. While gently lifting the release you need to simultaneously pull out each wire one at a time. Be careful while doing this as it’s easy to strip the terminal or break the catch if done too roughly.

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Eric Palazzolo