L51B2: How to repair a Hyundai, Kia horn connector

L51B2: Wiring Harness Connector

De-pin a horn connector for Hyundai and Kia select vehicles.

In this video, the oem electrical connector on display is part # L51B2. The function is used as a horn pigtail. The common manufacturer fitment is for Hyundai and Kia models.


The type of repair being demonstrated is the de-pin method, most commonly used for smaller connectors like this 2-terminal one.
When utilizing this method of repair, notice how our Pigtail Pro carefully demonstrates how you have to simultaneously remove the electrical terminals by pulling the harness wiring while using a pigtail tool to release the catch of the pigtail, located behind the front housing.

You can also see our recommended tools that repair the most pigtails, here.  It’s our pigtail release kit, containing 23-pieces of de-pin/re-pin tools. The quality is comparable to the many leading brands but for a fraction of the price.

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Eric Palazzolo