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Most connectors ship fully assembled with seals, terminals and 10” of wire. Some exceptions may occur with larger, 15+ pin connectors; these are replacement OEM pigtails with fitments for each manufacturer. Free shipping available for all connectors!

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The following is not an exhaustive list of all supported makes and functions. Please take a moment to compare your connector and ensure it’s a match to the item pictured; just chat with us if you have any questions!
“I had an excellent experience shopping with you guys. After a very frustrating experience at my local mechanic, I thought I would have to either never had my ABS fixed or dish out $2,000 for a new engine wiring harness. All because they couldn't find the right pigtail anywhere, I also was lost in frustration after searching for hours myself. I was referred to you're website via a thread on Reddit. And what a relief to find the pigtail I was looking for on your site. I was so happy I could get the part I needed for $70! I emailed an associate to confirm it was the right pigtail I was looking for and got a quick and confident response so I went for it. A few days later and boom, my car is now fixed with ABS working properly. You guys rock!” -- Patrick,

About Us is a site built to help you to find the right connector, for the right vehicle, at the right price. Don’t pay for harness replacement again!


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