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Most connectors ship fully assembled with seals, terminals and 10” of wire. Some exceptions may occur with larger, 15+ pin connectors; these are replacement OEM pigtails with fitments for each manufacturer. Free shipping available for all connectors!

Most connectors ship fully-assembled with seals, terminals and 10” of wire
Don't forget your solder! A 60/40 tin-to-lead ratio designed especially for connector repairs. Includes 10-pieces of shrink-wrap.
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The following is not an exhaustive list of all supported makes and functions. Please take a moment to compare your connector and ensure it’s a match to the item pictured; just chat with us if you have any questions!
“The experience was great! Easy to find my part, order and delivery was prompt. It was even the right part and I installed it with no trouble. Now my wife’s 2011 Prius has two working headlamps! Thanks for your help! I’m not an automotive professional, so I’m unsure of whether or not I’ll get an opportunity to refer, but if I do, I’ll happily share my story.” -- J. Kleingers,

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