Top Selling Connectors, This Year



In the last few years connectors, pigtails, plugs (whatever you’d prefer to call them) have changed a bit in terms of most common, top-selling.  Just a short, few years ago for example, it was uncommon for Nissan to have blind spot monitor connectors on most vehicles-if at all.

So…for 2018 (below) you’ll find the most common/top-selling connectors:

  1. Y27C2Fitment Example-Nissan Connector, Fog Lamp Connector, Honda Connector, Headlight Connector
  2. L42B2Fitment Example-Fog Lamp and Head Light Connector
  3. L43A2Fitment Example-Hyundai Fog Lamp, Kia Connector
  4. R62C8Fitment Example-Blind Spot Collision Sensor Connector, Pigtail, Plug
  5. E13B3Fitment Example-Radiator Fan Pigtail, Connector
  6. A31A2Fitment Example-Ambient Temperature Sensor Pigtail and Connector, Keyless Entry, Washer  
  7. Y210B3Fitment Example-Front Turn Signal Connector; Side Marker sometimes
  8. Y25B2Fitment Example-Daytime Running Lamp, Headlight 
  9. B21B2Fitment Example-Fog Lamp
  10. C53A3 (Tie): Fitment Example-Fog Lamp Connector and Headlight for some
  11. L64A2 (Tie): Fitment Example-AC Compressor Pigtail, Battery Sensor, Hood 

C53A3 has particularly seen a big influx for 2018.

In addition, these pigtails (below) have made their debut as top-10 sellers as more vehicles, new technology & different features are becoming more common and standard across most makes and models.

#4: Blind Spot Connectors and Pigtails were not as common as they are today. Most newer Nissan vehicles come standard now with blind spot monitoring.

#6: Ambient temp pigtails are not necessarily new to the industry but more vehicles have become outfitted with them.

#8: Not long ago, it was uncommon for vehicles to come standard with daytime running lights

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Eric Palazzolo