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Everything was great. [Y’all] delivered on [your] promise to get parts here on time.

A BIG THANK YOU! I was borrowing a friend’s truck while my trusty Honda Fit sat broken down. Your part & quick service May have saved a friendship. I’ll keep your website loaded for further help. Thanks again!

Excellent was the right one was here when you told me it would be your staff made it so easy!

Y’all were great all around thanks!


I’m so glad you guys were there I didn’t know people made things like that thank you very much I just put it in today Works fantastic thank you for being there!

Everything was great and thorough. I will recommend using you again. Thank you

It was exactly what I needed, you are saved in my computer for any further needs, thank you so much!

Simple and to the point great service

Thanks, you guys were great. I wasn’t able to find that connector anywhere else.

It absolutely did, thank you very much! Also thanks for the peanut m&ms

[You did] great! Glad y’all are around!

Service was excellent.I needed (2) relay boxes on a 16 CRV. Ruston knew the exact parts & was very helpful. This saved us from buying a complete engine harness. I will recommend your company to others.

Everything worked great!

Everything was good on the order. You guys always meet my expectations and are correct every time!

Response time was GREAT … Product knowledge was GREAT … Product was GREAT, PERFECT FIT … Delivery time as promised!

The part was a perfect fit. Really needed and you guys came through. Appreciate it, will be doing more business with you.

I accidentally ordered the wrong pigtail off of your site, and I as I went to order the correct one, I sent an email to customer support explaining the situation. Within about 15 minutes after sending that email, I got a call from one of your staff, Roberto Ramirez, and he was able to help me fix the issue and not have to return the first order. He was friendly, helpful and fast in resolving my wrong order. I appreciate the convenience of the website, and enjoy the level of customer service you guys have as well.

Excellent perfect fit. Thank you.

Thanks Eric, the product was just right. I will call on you again when needed.

You did great, I needed that plug pigtail for a bobcat skid steer and bobcat wanted to sell me a complete wiring harness. As a matter of fact I sent them a link to your website for them to have access to the plugs they can’t get through Bobcat!

Great product, service and shipping. Thank you!

Glad I found your website, found the pigtail needed to repair my daughter’s vehicle, also gave the owner of the repair shop your website information …

Everything was great as always. Parts worked perfectly…thank you!

Thank you for checking. Yes, the pigtail was just what we needed and thank you for the M&Ms. That was unexpected but welcome.

Received the order and was very pleased with everything. Thank you for the great customer service and spot on merchandise.

Thank you! The pigtail ordered was exactly what we needed and the shipping time was great. We will keep you in mind for any future needs. Have A Great Day!

Everything was perfect! Pigtail arrived as projected.

Hello, I wanted to say how I’m impressed with your level of customer service and satisfaction. I’m also happy to learn of your website. Being a mechanic, I will be doing business with you again I’m almost sure of it.

Everything was great and I will use you again!

Thank you. It arrived in a timely manner and I was able to fix my blinker light quickly. Excellent service and I will definitely go here if I have need of a pigtail again.

excelente thank you so much

Always satisfied. Service is easy to use, I don’t have to talk to anyone, and the part shows up on the promised delivery date. Thumbs up++.

You guys did great, got us out of a real bind not having to buy a harness. Have your sight bookmarked for future use. Thanks Again.

The plug worked great. I really lucked out finding your company. I ordered this plug due to Nissan wanting to sell me the whole engine wiring. … Thanks again!

Excellent experience. … Delivery was on time and we save a lot of money on the repair. I will be sending your info on to my counterparts around the country…Thanks

I am very happy with your product. Worked perfectly.

This was my 1st order with your company and I’m very satisfied with the product and your service.

we received the pigtail and it worked great.

Did great! Pigtail I ordered was a perfect match and is now installed. Glad I found your website as I run a service garage and these pigtails could come in very handy in the future. Thank

You guys did awesome will be returning in the future.

Your staff was top notch in identifying and providing me with what I needed. Looking forward to doing business again.

I was referred to your website by my mechanic who learned of it from a friend. The wire broke right at the plug on a sensor/connector plug on the alternator of my 2013 Honda CRV. Honda would not sell me this individual part – and quoted me $1,300 plus tax for a new engine wiring harness… I was very thankful to find your website and the exact product I needed (alternator plug for 2013 Honda CRV). It arrived on time in two days and worked perfectly. I installed it myself (I’m not a mechanic but I’m a DIY-er). I appreciated the 20% off first time customer coupon…and your part was a God-send in a difficult situation. (I also appreciated the peanut M&Ms!) Thanks!!

Worked out great and shipping was 2 days like expected. Thanks.

Everything worked out great! Hyundai only sells the entire harness for the engine compartment. I just needed pigtails for the fog lights!

Everything was exactly “AS ADVERTISED”. I can’t ask for anything more. You guys are the “GOLD STANDARD” in my book.

The pigtail was a life saver and I’m very grateful that I received it pretty quickly. Everything fit like a glove. Thank you!

I will definitely use you in the future. You all have great customer service, thank you for that! We got the part very quick! I appreciate that! 🙂

Quick turn around and part was correct. Very happy with the service.

All worked out well

Thanks for the follow up. So far you guys are 2 for 2 on connectors. Perfect fit & delivered in a timely fashion. Roberto has been super helpful & seems quite knowledgeable with your products. Operating a collision repair shop & having to deal with damaged electrical connectors has always been a pain in the butt. So far you guys have been a great help. Thank you & I know I’ll be contacting you for more connectors.

You did great. Exact match.

Item received as advertised. Appears to be excellent quality and will be installing for function in the next few days.

Excellent service. Will definitely use again.

I ordered a headlight pigtail for our 2004 Toyota Tacoma. It worked perfectly.

I ordered a headlight pigtail for our 2004 Toyota Tacoma. It worked perfectly.

You guys rock! I work for G&C Autobody, we are northern California’s largest growing body shop. 16 stores and counting. I am letting them know about your services, Greatly appreciated the service and quick delivery. Will use you again! Thank you!

We are pleased with the help we received finding the right pigtail and having it ordered and delivered in a timely manner. We will certainly be using this company again next time we need any plugs. Thanks.

You did absolutely fantastic. Thank you.

Excellent work! Online help found me the correct pigtail and it was delivered quickly.

Excellent! Good job.

EXCELLENT. Look forward to the next one.

You guys are terrific. I could not find the pigtail anywhere. Item was a little pricey but since I could find one anywhere else it was worth the price. Many Thanks.

Your company has always done a great job for us. You are one of the best finds we have had in recent years. We appreciate your expediency and vast selection of pigtails. We will definitely be using you in the future. Thank you.

Everything went well. Very satisfied and will refer if the opportunity comes up. Thanks for the prompt service.

You did great! Thank you for all your help.

We have just recently found you guys and it has been amazing, we really appreciate everything you guys do!

Exactly what I needed!!

Excellent! Both customer service and product.

The pigtail was perfect!

Thank you very much for the amazing customer service and fast shipping in getting my connector and wiring!! I will definitely be back for future purchases!

Worked great, you’ll be hearing from me for the next one. THANKS!

The pigtail was correct and worked great. Quick shipping. Very impressed.

Part was in perfect condition, and really good quality. Thank you!!

Totally met expectations… plug fit perfect. Service was great, thanks for checking!

I was really impressed with the customer service with the whole process, from the online chat team, the fast shipping, the correct product, and to top it off the peanut M&M sent with my order! Exceptional customer service that every American company should follow suit! Thank you!!!

Perfect, thank you so much!

The part we ordered from you was perfect! It was exactly what was pictured, and it worked like a charm. I will admit that we were a little worried about ordering from a website that we had never heard of before. But we had exhausted every other way of getting this particular pigtail. We were desperate and decided to take a chance with you guys. We were not disappointed! It also arrived on time, which was amazing considering how far that part had to travel in two days.

You rock! According to everyone else, including Kia the part I bought from you doesn’t exist. Kia said I would have to buy a new wiring harness for $1,600! Not happening for a twelve year old car that was hit by a deer. So glad I found your website. You saved me a ton of money! Thank you!

Great – thank you so much! You turned a nightmare into a dream come true.

You guys have been a lifesaver on many wiring harness repairs for our shop!

You have better prices and two day delivery is awesome.

You guys have helped me greatly. Before I discovered your site, tracking down pigtails through our usual guys was a pain in the neck. You have made it fast and easy, I appreciate it! I look forward to continuing business with you guys.

Thank you so much the item got here and was put on. Your service was great! If I need anything else I’ll make sure I come back just to this website to order things. The prices are very reasonable too.

Findpigtails is top notch! We have yet to run into a situation where you were unable to meet our pigtail needs! Absolute lifesaver! Thanks for all the help!

All worked out well, appreciate the availability, thanks.

Very satisfied. I liked that I could look up vehicle application. I will definitely use you guys again.

Everything was great. The customer service was exceptional and the pigtail was correct and arrived quickly.

Everything was great. Correct connectors and delivered on time.

It was perfect. Thanks.

It was perfect fit. Thanks a lot

Worked out great. Thanks again

Right on the money! Thanks!

Great Service provided and we hit the correct part first time around which is nice. Thank your team for me, will definitely use again

Thank you for sending me that pig tail promptly. It was the perfect fit for that application. Saved me the cost of purchasing a complete wire harness, salvage yard visit and ruining the warranty of a newly purchased fan housing for my 2003 Jeep.

Products works great

Thank you for the email! I really appreciate you following up, what great service you are providing!

The pig tail worked great!!! Your customer service team was amazing they helped me make sure I was getting the right one by allowing me to send a picture over for them to review before confirming I was selecting the right one! The car is back up and running and I could not be more pleased!!!

[It’s] about time somebody is doing this service, And to also get it right, It’s a Beautiful Thing! I really appreciate what you do and what you provide to our industry as a whole…IT’S HUGE!!! Job Well Done! Thank To You & Best Regards

did great worked like a charm thank you so much

You did fantastic. It was a perfect fit. The customer was very happy!

[It] was an easy transaction. I have told 3 others about you and will use you again in the future as Mopar isn’t able to supply some of the repair kits I need.

All went well. Connector was correct. Arrived on time.

The experience was great! Easy to find my part, order and delivery was prompt. It was even the right part and I installed it with no trouble. Now my wife’s 2011 Prius has two working headlamps!

Thanks for your help! I’m not an automotive professional, so I’m unsure of whether or not I’ll get an opportunity to refer, but if I do, I’ll happily share my story.

I was very happy with the service and product I have already installed it and everything is working perfectly thank you so very much I will definitely tell others about you!!!

Service was great, shipping was fast, Pigtail fixed our issue. 5/5 stars thank you guys!

Easiest and fasted way to get pigtails I never have problems and always get the best help thank you guys so much. John if you aren’t using them yet I would really consider you start bud!

The pig tail was perfect!! Fixed my check engine light

I used you guys to find a pigtail that I couldn’t get through any of my other commercial resources through my company. My customer was very happy with the part and I will be using you guys in the future.

You guys did awesome. The shop misdiagnosed issue, glad I didn’t buy a $1200 wire harness and am grateful to have found you online. IF I should ever need you in the future I will certainly reach out. I have the feeling the shop I had the pigtail sent too will also use you in the future. Thanks again for helping.

In this business we are up against time constraints and all kinds of other problems. I am very pleased with the service and will certainly do business with you in the future. As a collision shop that repairs a lot of vehicles with wiring damage, your company will certainly help us again! Thanks for the great product and excellent service.

Yes it was exactly what we needed and thank you for the fast shipping! I will be sure to recommend you! Thank you!

This is the first time I’ve used y’all. I work at a collision repair facility. We have to replace pigtails sometimes, and with the vendor we’ve used in the past, it was sometimes difficult to find the correct pigtail. I love your app where I can take a picture of the pigtail and and the app will find what pigtail it is! Makes my job much easier! … I will definitely be using your company for future pigtail purchases.

You guys did great! Spot on with the pigtail as I’ve had a hard time finding exactly what I needed. I was a little iffy about the price but the product was correct, shipping was fast, and you guys really made me laugh when you put a bag of m&ms in with my order. Thank you for your help getting my dog lights working again!

You have definitely earned a customer!

Great deal! I’m very pleased with the product. It saves a lot of time and research.

Everything plugs in and fits as it should and as advertised.

Everything went well. Received part very quickly…
Very satisfied with your company… would definitely use you again
Will certainly recommend you to other shops and insurance companies.

Keep up the good work

The process from start to finish was easy, accurate, and efficient. We received the connector for the Mini right on time and delivered the car on time to the customer as promised! Well Done!!

Connector was correct the 1st time – Thank you.

The product is very good … Is like I expect… Thanks again..

you guys did great. My product arrived sooner than I thought and was the exact thing I needed. Thank you

After months of trying to find the right connector, I am pleased to say you came to my rescue. The connector fit my Kia perfectly and saved me a lot of money. I will keep your company in my contacts for future needs. Thanks

You guys did a great job the pigtail fit great amd I received it sooner than expected

As a first time customer, I was very satisfied. The product I ordered came in a reasonable time and was the correct part aswell. If I or a friend need a part like this in the future. I will definitely recommend you.

Yes, I am completely satisfied with your product and the timely shipment of my order. Tell your staff “Great Job”!

The product was great and exactly what I needed. The video that was on the website was also extremely helpful in replacing my old pigtail with the new one. I am very satisfied with the purchase.

it was a perfect fit for the jeep. thanks

Everything was great

Shipping was timely and overall great experience. I’ve already been telling people about your site. Thanks to you I repaired my transfer case wiring and in the process saved me $340 on the parts alone. Add to the labor I would have needed to have installed who knows how much it could have been. PS. This is the ONLY place I could find this specific part. So if a mouse decides to attack my wiring again I hope this product is still produced.

The connectors fit perfectly. I upgraded my halogen fogs to LEDs but found out during the install that the connectors are different. You are one of the few vendors that I found which sell the correct connectors for LED lights. Thanks!

Excellent, Thank you

Did great. Harnesses were a spot on. Car was repaired and customer was happy. Thanks.

did great worked like a charm thank you so much

Pigtail worked great! I tried looking for a similar pigtail at the auto stores and dealer, and I found it to be unsuccessful. The worst part was running around trying to find a part so simple yet so important. I am grateful that your company supplied the part needed for the quick repair. I will definitely be doing business in the near future. Thanks for everything.

Everything was great and thanks for helping us find the correct ones!

thank you very much

Great quality product and fast service. Thank you for the service parts like these are hard to find

Perfect thanks a bunch

I was very satisfied with your Customer service And your company.

We are very happy with the service we received. Order was to us very fast!! Nice to know there are companies that still take pride in their service like yours!! We we will placing more orders in the future.

Hello everything worked like it should I didn’t have to buy a complete wiring harness for the forklift to get just the one plug thank you .p.s your website is great and very easy to use.

You guys did a great job the pigtail fit great amd I received it sooner than expected

It worked great!! Thanks!!

100 percent spot on. Could not be happier thanks you so much for having what I needed.

The product and costumer service was great, the connector that I purchased was exactly what I was looking for. I’ll definitely keep you in mind for future purchases.

I had a most pleasant experience with findpigtails.com and sent a link to your site to a friend who owns an automotive repair shop. Your site is easy to navigate and when I had a question, the chat system worked perfectly to get me to the right part. Add in two day delivery and all is well! I wish you well into the future.

My Infiniti dealer recommended you instead of having to buy a harness and it was a wise move for me. Your delivery time was shorter and less expensive than “the other guys”. Will definitely be ordering from you again. Thank you.

Your Website was user friendly to be able to locate what we needed. We received in 2 days, Thank you much! We just installed the pigtail to replace a broken original factory installed one in our 2009 Nissan Murano SL. Everything is working perfectly. We have your Website favored for any future need through our business, friends and family. Grace and Peace to All

GREAT!!!!!! WILL USE YOU AGAIN..!!!!!!!!!!!

Excellent job – thank you!

Plug is Great and we will use you in the future. Fast shipping, thank you

we are very pleased with my first 2 orders. you can expect us to use you again. keep up the good work.

It was really easy to place the order. I got the product really fast and it was correct. Thank you so much. Looking forward to using your site again.

Thanks, we have had a great experience with the product. We are satisfied.

Yall where great. I will be buying from yall from now on.

You guys did great! Super easy to find what I needed! Thank you so much!

Your service was very good. I received the connector-pigtail n just two days after I ordered it. It was the right one and I had it installed the next day. Thanks for your quick response. AA satisfied customer

The pigtail worked great! We will be purchasing more from you as our needs arise.

Your part saved this vehicle from a complete wiring harness and being a total loss. Part also came very quickly.

All went well, the process is unique and seamless. Your company is our go to every time. Thanks so much

Perfect. Thanks

Thank you for being the only place I could find the pigtail for my Hyundai Sonata. It works great and I was able to get my a/c working consistently now and it’s necessary in the Texas heat. Again thank you!

Service and product were both great

Excellent service – fast and simple. Thank you!

Pigtail was perfect match with old one, thanks for quick service.

Arrived within time frame and fixed my immediate needs – 5 Stars

You did excellent! The Ambient temperature sensor on my wife’s 2017 Maxima stopped working and needed replaced. Come to find out it was a broken wire on the pigtail plug. Searching the internet I came across your website and found the part i needed. Ordered Sunday afternoon and received it Wednesday. Part was exactly as described and made for a easy install. Thank you so much for the excellent service.

Let’s put it this way no one else had anything even close to the right one and you guys had the exact one so thank you so much.

It was good – you guys were very helpful.

You guys are fabulous. Thanks very much.

You guys did great, product was great! We have a collision repair shop and when we need more pigtails you’ll have our business. Thank You.

Thank you for your service. I will continue to reach out to you and your company when the opportunity arises.

I was very satisfied with the prompt delivery of my order. Thank you.

Yes it was perfect now my car is running again thank you.

The pigtail worked perfect for my Toyota. Thanks!

Just what I needed.

You not only met my expectations you exceeded them you have a very good thing working over there the product Is great and your service is 100% good I will definitely be using you again in the future

All good, thank you

Fantastic. The pigtail worked and saved the customer a lot of money.

You guys did an awesome job and the pigtail fit perfectly. Thank you all!

Part fit perfectly and delivery time was great considering I ordered late Tuesday afternoon.

Service is always top notch! Thank you!

The part was exactly what we expected and arrived on time.  Great job! We will order again!

I soldered the connections in place and attached the plug with lock. It works perfectly. You were the only company I found that offered this particular pigtail so many thanks. I will recommend your company to anyone in need of a pigtail!!! Thanks again.

Worked fine! Matched factory exact. I’ll definitely refer people your direction.

Yes you did a great job, the product fit and is working properly.

Your company was a life saver! Thanks a bunch! I am spreading the word to all my mechanic associates!

Worked fine! Matched factory exact. I’ll definitely refer people your direction.

Yes your product and service met my expectations. The shipping was fast. You will be my go to for my pigtail needs.

Doing business with you guys is easy and so far all parts have been correct. Thanks for everything.

Thank you very much the product was perfect by car and I appreciate your efficiency. Thank you again!

We received the order quickly and correctly. It worked for our situation perfectly. We will be using your business in the future. Thanks for being there for all of our wiring plug nightmares and turning them into solutions. We appreciate you.

Excellent experience!  Your site is now in my favorites for future “challenges”.  Thanks again.

You guys made it so easy and got a part from Texas to Canada in a couple days … That is quicker than most of my parts I get! Thank you for the great service!

Good job. Excellent product. Fast shipment.  Exceeded expectations. Thanks.

You guys did a great job – spot on. And your first time buyer discount made purchasing a ridiculously priced pigtail affordable. Thank you again.

Excellent service on both of our 2 orders.

I received the connector quickly and it fit perfectly. Thanks!

Everything was great!  You guys have saved us numerous times since we found out about you guys.  Thanks again.

Everything was great. Your team found me the right pigtail and ordered in the same day I emailed it in and was shipped to me in a couple days. Very happy with the experience and will be using you again whenever I need a pigtail. Thanks!

Everything was excellent, from the online chat part, your guys figuring out what I needed, shipping, etc. Overall great experience. Thanks!

Pigtails are always on point! Never an issue, especially with some of the advisors’ experience.

Your company was recommended by our main shop. … I loved your website, really easy to use! Will definitely be using you for future needs.

All my expectations were met. It arrived quickly and my 3 year old son loved the little pack of m&m’s that came with it! Thanks.

Everything was great!

Worked great!

Fabulous!!! This is just what we needed – saved us from buying a whole harness from Hyundai!!! Your site is saved to my favorites!!

Everything worked out great! Thank you!

The pigtail was exactly what I needed for a car at our Body Shop. As always y’all have excellent prices and fast shipping. Thank you!

I’ve placed a couple of orders in the last couple of weeks. Very user friendly site. Good pics and descriptions to assure the correct part is selected. Prompt delivery and love the M&Ms.


Please excuse my vulgarity, but FindPigtails kicked butt. Your website was easy to navigate, product was fairly priced and arrived exactly as shown on the web and as we expected. The timeliness of the part’s arrival was excellent. Quick service is an absolute must in our industry as you know. Thank you very much for your teams efficient, accurate and simplistic service. I’ve never been more pleased. You can expect our continued business on those hard to track down plugs and pigtails. Really appreciate you guys. Job well done.

You Did great ..Thanks .. We will use you again!

Everything was great! Thank you!

You guys rock! I work for northern California’s largest growing body shop. 16 stores and counting. I am letting them know about your services, Greatly appreciated the service and quick delivery

Will use you again!

Yes! Everything was great. Product fixed my issue and the customer service was awesome.

You all are great!! Thank you for getting the correct pigtail to me so quickly. I will definitely use you from now on.

Great service, shipped quickly, and the connector fits perfectly. Will order again when needed.

Yes thank you absolutely amazing

You did great, connector was the correct one, was shipped very fast, will purchase again if pigtails & connectors are not available thru the dealer, thanks.

Top notch product! Thank you.

Thank you guys for supplying the industry with quality pigtails. Your pics are accurate shipping is fast and on time.

Great job, good products. Correct products.

The plug worked great, the service was excellent, Thank you!

Very satisfied to be able to use your product rather than purchase an entire wiring harness from the dealership. The customer was happy with the price difference as well! We will definitely be using you for more pigtails in the future!

Everything went well. We found what we needed and the chat rep was very quick. Found the item within seconds. Product is great quality. Kit was worth it. The products we needed were great. Thanks and will do business again!

The part ordered worked exactly the way it was supposed to. We had it the next morning after order and took less than 30 minutes to install. I highly recommend the products for anyone.

Wonderful service – thank you!

Did great! Had exactly what we needed!!

Thank you! You guys are awesome! Only thing is the pigtail ordered was 3 black wires so it took me a little bit to figure it out lol but nonetheless my car is back to being amazing :))

Fast delivery and perfect fit. Thank you!

I had a good experience and the part was shipped quickly as I wanted it to be.

The part I ordered was exactly what I was looking for and it fit perfectly. I am extremely pleased with my order [and] I would definitely recommend your business to a friend. Thank you very much!

Perfect fit, you guys saved me a lot of time and salvage yard scavenging.

Yes you guys were great, got exactly what we were looking for. Thank you.

Perfect! I know exactly where to go for any future needs without looking elsewhere! Happy customer. I bought this for my 2018 Wildcat Spirit Limited. It showed it was for a Dodge but looked identical so I took the chance and bought it. It is exactly what I needed!!

[Just] what I needed. Thanks

You did a phenomenal job!!! I am very pleased.

Short answer is you had the part and it solved my problem. Would have been much more difficult without the correct mating connector and pigtail. A few details that would make me happier: The wire gauge was quite a bit heavier that what I needed. Second, I thought that shrink tubing was included but was not. All good. Problem solved.

Part was exactly what I needed Thanks!

1st time user of you guys. Product was perfect. Worked like a charm. Saved my customer from having to buy an $800 wiring harness from the dealer. Will definitely use you guys again.

Awesome job as always; we use you guys all the time!

Yes, it was perfect. I had wire issues so I had to replace the old with a new and it works like the old one did a long time ago. Thanks

Always good, thank you!

Everything was perfect thank you!

Very satisfied

The product was great and exactly what I needed. The video that was on the website was also extremely helpful in replacing my old pigtail with the new one. I am very satisfied with the purchase.

Everything worked out great. Installed and working just right.

The pig tail worked great. Keep up the good work and I appreciated the M&Ms in the bag. Stuff like that makes people really remember your company.

Great customer service. The exact right part. I will be using you company more in the future and could not recommend you any higher.

Everything was great!!

We did receive the part and it worked fine. We thank you for your prompt service.

Eric, it went great and part was perfect. I will definitely be using you more.

Great Job! My shop was very happy with the service we received.

It works great. Exactly what I needed. Thanks.

Everything was great. Fast shipping. If I need a pig tail in the future I will be using your company again. Thank again!

you did great thank you

The pigtail worked perfectly while saving me a small fortune in repairs. Thank you.

The pigtail you sent me worked great.


I would and will recommend you. Thanks for the m&m’s

The pigtail worked perfect for this repair. Thank you.

Eric, 100% satisfied. I tore the turn signal connector off the harness on my F250 trying to install LED headlights. The dealer was happy to try to sell me the whole harness for $1800. Like I could even install that if I wanted to. Came home and looked online and it took me less than 2 minutes to find what I needed on your web site. My baby is back whole now with fancy LED headlights. If I do something stupid again, I’ll be back. Thanks for the follow up and excellent service.

Yes, it was exactly what we needed!

Great as always! Thank you!

Everything was wonderful. Saves the average customer $2400 dollars on a new wire harness. Per Infiniti, 98% of their vehicles the pigtails are not sold separately.

Everything was great both with the service and product. Thanks for everything.

The pigtail you sent fit and worked perfectly.  Saved me a ton of money over having a mechanic do the work.

Thanks so much! Even the place I was getting my car repaired at could not even come up with a solution to fix my radiator fan. The module to the radiator fan melted both sides of the plug. They were saying they would have to get a harness that cost $875. I bought your product $63. You guys saved me a ton of money. I already recommend you guys to my vehicle club already. A+++++. 10/10

Part fit perfectly! Thanks for your awesome service!

I finally got the opportunity to install the pigtail the other day and it worked perfectly. I was quoted over $1200 for the harness the connector was part of. For $78 and an hours time, I couldn’t be more pleased with finding and working with your company. I will keep you at the top of my list during our rebuild of my sons WRX.

Your service was exemplary. Especially when you e-mailed me a photo image to confirm the pigtail  was correct. The pigtail you sent worked perfectly. I will definitely use your service again and I will tell all my friends about you.

The salesman was very knowledgeable and fast shipping was what was expected good service.

Plug fit perfect and great customer service from the start.

Perfect. You got the right pigtail the first time. Fast friendly service. I would highly recommend you.

Thank you so much it was a perfect match.

It was perfect. Thanks!

I will definitely use you for all my pigtail needs!

Perfect fit everything is up and running. Thanks for having a match for my Kubota tractor.

You did Great!!  The pigtail fit perfect.  So far so good. Been waiting a year now for my car to be fixed.  Nissan Dealership wanted to charge me $2500.00 to order the whole Alternator Pigtail electrical harness and that did not include the labor.

You guys did great! Got the right connector for the parking sensor harness and it was a perfect fit. Thank you so much!

It looks like it worked well. Thanks for the follow-up!

Thank you. Everything worked out perfectly.

You did great!! Thanks so much. You saved me a lot of money and time. I told Pepboys about your company and they told me they will contact you whenever they need a pigtail.

Exactly what I needed and arrived on time! Thanks!

Your product saved me from having to purchase a $1,300 engine wiring harness from the Infiniti dealer. The pigtail made a solid connection for my application, hopefully one to last a long time. I will purchase from here again should I ever need another pigtail in the future.

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