Top Seller

Our #1 top-selling pigtail repair tool

In this video (above) we show you two important connector de-pinning tools for your electrical connectors. 

  1. 16-piece mini screwdriver set
  2. 23-piece terminal repair kit

First...The mini screwdriver sets work well for little, hard to reach locations. 

The 1.0 and 1.4 will be the most commonly used screwdrivers but because they are very small you have to be cautious not to break them.  

Each tool is quality controlled to make sure you're receiving the perfect set for your de-pin repairs. We'll verify that there are no bends or chips. 

And now for our top-seller and the one you really want to have in your tool supplies is the 23-piece de-pinning terminal release kit.  
Upon opening the kit, you will find a list of corresponding manufacturers each terminal tool can be used for along with a specific identification number. 
There are a lot of European makes/models functions, as well as Domestic.  Helpfully, it does contain sets to de-pin GM connectors as well (which is a common question we get asked). 

This tool set can be handy to have to de-pin your large connector types as well like junction connectors for Chevy Tahoes. 


Handy Tools

Terminal Repair Tool Set

Terminal Release Kit

De-pin and re-pin most pigtails and connectors by following the manufacturer fitment recommendations displayed in each kit

Connector Repair Screwdriver Set

Connector Repair Screwdriver Set

80 tools in 1, toolkit. Repair your pigtails, connectors as well as any other small electronic device. Contains 56 different magnetic bits, 80 different settings and screwdriver types/sizes. Portable case included.


11-Piece Mini Set

11-piece mini-screwdriver set to de-pin/re-pin pigtails. Includes Phillips and Flat Head. Size Ranges: 1.0mm-3.0mm

16 pc

Precision 16-Piece Mini Set

Sixteen precision-built screwdrivers. Perfect for reaching most terminal release points for pigtails. Includes Phillips and flat head Size Ranges: 1.0mm-3.5mm