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Automotive Connectors, Pigtails, Plugs: 350,000 of them.

OEM connectors & pigtails can be difficult to find. Replacing electrical wiring harnesses can be expensive. Wiring terminals - same thing.

Finding Pigtails, Connectors, Plugs, Wire Harnesses & Terminals is simple.

Improving your cycle time and severity is our goal and we want to make your connector and pigtail searches the easiest part of your day.

Honda/Acura Connector?

Nissan/Infiniti Connector?

Toyota/Lexus Connector?

BMW Connector? 

Hyundai/Kia Connector?

Subaru Connector?

We have all automotive plugs, pigtails, connectors right here. Most makes and models are available.

Here are some of the most common pigtails we stock:

Fog Lamp Connectors

Headlamp or Headlight Connectors

Blind Spot Monitor Sensor

Ambient Temp Connectors

Hood Sensor Connectors

Side marker connectors

Horn Connectors

They're all here. For more information on the most common, top-selling connectors, click here.

Wire Harness Repair? Often times, there's no need to repair costly wiring harnesses.  When electrical wiring harnesses get damaged, many times you can repair the pins or terminals by means of a de-pin/re-pin or a quality solder repair. The purchase of wire harnesses like engine and body harness can often be avoided by verifying if an automotive plug can instead be used.

Need tools for repair? We offer Terminal Repair Tool Sets or De-pin/Re-pin terminal repair tools.  In addition, high quality solder, heat shrink and shrink wrap can be found on our site. Here's a few options.

Need answers now? Chat with us now. We're at your service.

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