Connector Repair

What kind of solder do I use to splice the connector to the OEM wire?

We recommend a high-quality solder with rosin core and low melting point; one that is specifically designed for use with electronics. You can purchase yours here.

Will the replacement wire colors match the original manufacturer?

Due to the wide range of wire configurations–even within manufacturer and model lines–we cannot offer a matching color configuration.

Most of our connectors ship with high-grade wire (all black) and terminals attached.

When performing a de-pin and re-pin of a new connector, we recommend de-pinning the original, damaged connector one terminal at a time. This will make it much easier to re-pin the new connector with correctly matched terminals.

If you have any questions about a specific repair, please chat with us for details.

I’m looking for a part which isn’t listed on your website; can you help?

We do stock connectors that are not catalogued on our website and are often able to resource many other hard-to-find connectors. Please chat with us for assistance.

Is the connector replacement process difficult?

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Are there any connectors which cannot be repaired?

Some manufacturers do not permit repair of certain electrical systems due to safety concerns. For more details, please take a look at our OEM position statements.

Where can I learn how to repair the connectors?

While the process will vary slightly by connector, the basics are usually consistent.

We’ve provided a walkthrough of the core concepts here, and we’ve published a growing list of connector-specific video guides here.

My vehicle has aftermarket systems installed; will it require OEM connectors or something else?

Aftermarket systems may use different connectors. Often, we can identify the pigtail visually if it’s intact, but please don’t hesitate to chat with us for help finding your connector.

I don’t have access to the OEM connector part number; how do I look it up?

Just search by model-year or chat with us for assistance.

My OEM connector is heavily damaged; how can I figure out what the appropriate replacement part is?

While it helps to have an intact pigtail for reference, we can still look it up without one.

If you’ve got a model year and you know what system the connector plugs into, you can search our catalog by vehicle make, model and model-year to get a list of matching parts.

If in doubt, just chat with us or send us an email; we can look it up for you and chances are, we can source it even if it isn’t listed in our catalog.

Accounts, Orders and Returns

How fast will I receive my order?

Shipping times vary by your state or country and the rate you select in checkout.

All orders placed Monday through Friday prior to 4 PM CT will ship same day (if you select overnight, your order must be placed prior to 6 PM CT.)

Curbside pickup is available at our warehouse, located at 9215 Thomasville Dr, Houston, TX 77064. For same-day pickup, your order must be placed before 4 PM CST and picked up before 6 PM CST.

FindPigtails.com is closed on Saturdays and Sundays and for most major holidays; all orders placed during non-business hours will ship the next business day.

Do I need to create an account?

You can complete checkout without an account, but we do recommend creating one: benefits include accrual of rewards points and faster checkout.

What is a quote number?

If you are an insurance company, it’s like your claim number to put on your estimate for a connector order. Your quote number is your confirmation of the connectors you’ve requested and have input to your estimate for the body shop.

Is findpigtails.com a secure website?

Your security is very important to us. We’ve invested a lot of time and resources to assure you that any purchase you make or personal information provided is secure and not shared with any third parties, whatsoever. Our checkout is fully PCI-compliant.

How do I create an account?

Creating an account is free and easy: simply provide your name and preferred email address here.

What is your return policy?


Returns on electrical connectors are limited.

In the event of a return, the buyer must notify us within 15 days of the original ship date using the options listed below.

If we’ve identified the part correctly:

  • Any parts with open, wrong, damaged or missing packaging will not be accepted
  • There will be a 25% restocking fee
  • Upon receipt of the item, a partial refund will be processed within 15 days either in the form of a credit to the card used or by check

No refunds will be given for electrical items that shipped and are canceled due to an alternative option, vehicle total, etc.

If we matched the pigtail inaccurately, we will provide an exchange, free of charge.

Special order items cannot be canceled and are non-refundable.


There is a 30 day warranty on defective tools for manufacturing defects only, and only for the affected item (not the entire kit).