SEMA throwback

Since SEMA 2020 is no more (thanks COVID), here's a quick throwback to last year's show.

Automotive Industry

Our take on recent automotive industry headlines and trends.

Top5 Selling Fog Lamp and Headlight connectors for a car wiring harness

Here are 10 cars that are being discontinued in 2021

GMC’s Hummer EV is Wow!

The Presidential Election is not the only important election

Repairs and Training

Updates on all things connector repair.

Y210B3 (How to Repair)

R62C8 (How to Repair)

L43A2 (How to Repair)

L42B2 (How to Repair)

Website How-To

Find your connector in thirty seconds or less ... with these helpful tips for browsing this site or using our mobile app.

Innovation and Technology

New and exciting in the world of car tech, both for the consumer and the collision repair industry.

Pigtail Life

A behind-the-scenes look at


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