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automotive electrical connector types

Automotive Electrical Connector Types, Kits

August 16, 2022

Automotive Pigtail Kits – All Types of Electrical Connectors You choose the electrical connector types you need and want in your inventory kit, ready to go when you need them most.  See this Preview text 👇 When you need a popular automotive connector you’ll have it immediately We know cycle time and severity are extremely…

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This Automotive Horn and Fog Lamp Connector Should be in your Inventory

August 15, 2022

Check out the video below ⬇️ Facebook Automotive Electrical Connector L41A2 L41A2 is a 2-pin automotive electrical connector that should be in your arsenal, ready to go (if you’re in the automotive repair or collision industry).  Reason 1 It’s for the most heavily used functions for automotive connectors: Fog Lamp Reason 3 It’s for one…

Top 5 EV Pigtail Connectors

August 8, 2022

Electric Vehicle OEM Connectors All Electric cars are becoming extremely popular in recent years, as the demand for electric vehicles increases so does the need for replacement parts for them. Here at we have a good selection of pigtail connectors for all the recent and upcoming EVs. If you can’t find the connector you…

How To Improve Cycle-Time By Learning How to De-Pin Your Own Automotive Connectors

July 11, 2022

Learn How to De-Pin Your Own Automotive Connectors DE-PIN De-pinning your automotive connectors…Save severity and cycle-time by learning how to keep your repairs in-house, sublet out less work, and repair your own pigtails Repairing your own automotive connectors isn’t as hard as some may think.  We’ve added a lot of repair videos to help you…

5 Toyota Automotive Connectors You Need To Know

July 7, 2022

T O Y O T A YOU NEED TO KNOW THESE FIVE TOYOTA CONNECTORS These 5 Toyota Automotive Wire Connectors are the most common, top-selling pigtails.  This Video Includes These Top-5 Pigtails… A quick-guide catalog to help you with your estimates. DOWNLOAD FOR FREE *This catalog is not a complete, exhaustive list of all of…

Automotive Wiring Harness, OEM Position Statements

June 15, 2022

Wiring Harness Repair Automotive Wiring Harness, OEM Position Statements OEM Position Statements Visit YouTube Pigtail Repair 101 OEM POSITION STATEMENTS WIRE HARNESS + HELPFUL REPAIR VIDEOS YOUTUBE REPAIR YOUR OWN HOW TO REPAIR A WIRE HARNESS | SOLDER, SHRINK-WRAP METHOD Learn how to repair your wiring harness via the solder and shrink-wrap method.  WATCH NOW…

The Most Searched For: 2-Pin Automotive Connectors

June 14, 2022

The Most Searched For: 2-Pin Automotive Connectors What are people searching for the most? 2-PIN AUTOMOTIVE CONNECTORS How to Repair a 2-Pin Automotive Connector [SEE BELOW] #1 Most Common 2-Terminal Pigtail [Z27C2] Z27C2 is by far the most common automotive connector, pigtail. It’s been the top seller for five years and counting.  The main functions are: …

This Pigtail, Connector Smart App is Severity’s Kryptonite

June 9, 2022

This Pigtail, Connector Smart App is Severity’s Kryptonite We understand that you need to have your preliminary estimates done quickly, accurately and with less supplements. That’s why we created the pigtail smart matching app. Now, when you’re inspecting a vehicle and notice a damaged pigtail just open up the FindPigtails Smart App and BOOM, we’ll…

Your severity and cycle-time matters

June 9, 2022

SEVERITY… New Template 3 Depin And Repin Your Pigtails Your severity and cycle-time matters. Keep your pigtail repairs in-house and learn how to repair, depin and repin your own pigtails.  See All Videos Popular  Connector Repair 101 What You Need to Know About These Automotive Connectors [Before You Depin] In this video, we discuss some important…

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How to find car wiring connectors, pigtails, plugs in 10 seconds [FAST]

June 6, 2022

Pigtail HOMERUN! 10 SECONDS TO FIND YOUR PIGTAILS SMART APP JUST TAKE A PHOTO AND BOOM!The pigtail you need will automatically populate KEYWORD SEARCH EVER USE GOOGLE?We have an awesome search bar on our page. TRY IT. INSTANT SUPPORT LIVE-CHAT, NOW!You’ll instantly be connected with a live Pigtail Pro for Schematics Support and Tech Support.  WHAT…