Automotive Connector Repair 101

Repair vs. Replace: Connectors, Pigtails and Electrical Wire Harnesses


In the automotive repair industry, it happens often (but does not have to): Severity and cycle time destroyed because of the unnecessary purchase of an entire wiring harness.

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For years, vehicle repair shops, insurance companies and customers have been told that the only way to repair or replace a damaged connector was to replace the entire harness.

The problems with this approach are many: added rental car costs, slowed production lines, labor intensive R&I, damaged severity and even total loss.

This doesn't have to be the case.

A simple pigtail does not have to be cycle time's kryptonite. Fortunately, there’s a better way. This is where quality automotive connector replacement steps in.

Often, rather than pay thousands of dollars for an entire harness, you can simply replace the damaged connector by a careful de-pin/re-pin or an accurate wire repair.

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Connector Repair vs Wire Harness Replacement

Connector Wire Harness
Cost $150 or less Thousands of dollars
Time to Receive Fast Slow
Time to Repair Fast Slow