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Welcome to the consumer reviews and testimonials section of FindPigtails.com! We are dedicated to providing exceptional service and developing long-term relationships with our clients. Discover real stories and honest reviews from customers who have benefited from our high-quality pigtail connectors and 5 star service. Your trust is important to us, and we hope these testimonials inspire confidence in your decision to work with us.

“It was a perfect match. Web site was easy to use.”



“I’ve placed two orders with you, both times were great experiences. Thank you, and thank you for the peanut M&Ms.”

“You did great You took the time to make sure I got the right part and got it to me fast.
A perfect fit.”

“Your right about locating a quality wired harness or plug. Jeep Wranglers seem to be notorious for bad headlight wiring.at the headlight. People do not wire this area in a reliable fashion, good pigtails are hard to find. Yours are VERY pricey . Purchased the plugs to clean up this area and be reliable. Other connectors on the market just do not cut it.”

“Dealer didn’t carry the connector for my Durango. Wanted to charge $1900 for the entire harness. You had the connector and saved me $1800. Thanks!”

“I was having issues finding the plug needed after a critter chewed through the wire. Luckily, I found y’all. I ordered the wrong part, even though Robert Felegi sent me a picture to compare.

Following MY mistake Robert helped me both through phone conversations and email, the best service I have found in any business dealings in a very long time.”

“I was ecstatic to say the least, you guys saved me thousands!!! I would have, had to replace the whole wiring harness, as this was not available to buy anywhere….I have sent your website link to several mechanic friends…,I am a mail carrier and there are several on my route, plus I have several I deal with because I need a fast turnaround on fixes.”

“Awesome. The part worked great. Wish I would have found you sooner. Would have saved me a lot of money. Your customer service guy was great. Thank you.”

“It worked great. Thanks.”


“I am so thankful I was able to find your site, and order the fitting I needed. I had gone to Nissan parts, and they looked at me like I was crazy, until I took them to the car and showed it to them. After an hour of searching, they determined what part it was, but was indefinitely back ordered, and the parts manager said it could be from a month to a year before it would be available, if at all. Considering this fitting was to operate my drivers side rear brake light, I didn’t think waiting a year for parts was a good idea. I was going to take the rear brake light assembly and solder wires to it in an attempt to bypass the connection (not an easy or inexpensive thing to do) when I found your site. … I will be letting all my gearhead buddies know about it. Thanks again for your service. I know I will be back.”

“Everything was great. I will be using ya’ll again. Thanks”

“We have been delighted with the quality of your products and the speed that we receive them. Your customer service has been very accommodating. We will continue to order your products in the future.”

“I am really satisfied with your service. I love how fast the parts are shipped. P.S. Thanks for the M&M’S”

“You saved the day….dealer told me the part cost 200.00 and minimum labor charge would be one hour for 156.00 dollars plus shop fee. Your person who filled order was great and will refer everybody to you …”

“Everything was fine. The connector plugged right in- I went to my technician and check it myself.”

“Great! We had ordered the wrong one and the picture you sent revealed our mistake, so the pictures we sent of the coolant sensor gave you enough info to send one that fit! We appreciate your extra effort! Thank you so much! 5 stars!”

“I’ve been using you guys for many many years now. Started when I worked for an insurance company and now back in the body shop.”

“Thanks for the product . Service and delivery in timely manner. Very hard to find part was available. Looking it up through the website was easy”

“The pigtail I ordered fit perfectly!”

“Thank you. Your representative Robert Felegi was very helpful.”

“Product worked perfectly and service was great, was well please will use again in the future”

“It was a perfect fit, I will bookmark the website thank you for all your help”

“Everything went Well !! Thank you”

“Y’all did awesome – had it in 2 days, been waiting months to hear from dealer and got it from y’all in 2 days”

“Y’all did awesome had it in 2 days been waiting months to hear from dealer and got it from y’all in 2 days”

“Findpigtails.com has a huge variety of connectors that the dealership required me to buy in packs of 10. I only had to buy one from findpigails.com, and it was exactly what we needed to get our customer back on the road. The package arrived super fast, and there was even some delicious M&Ms inside. Thanks !!!!”

“Thank you for the fast, excellent service.”