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What our customers say 👇

“Everything was great.  Super fast shipping and the plug was exactly what I need to fix my headlight on my car.”

“Everything was great. Y’all delivered on your promise to get parts here on time.”

“The connector I ordered worked great. It was a real lifesaver because I couldn’t find it available anywhere. If you didn’t have it I would have had to go to the dealer and they would have charged me an arm and a leg. It arrived in great shape and sooner than expected. Thanks for the great customer service.”

“I received my item promptly and its exactly what I needed. Thank you for having quality parts at a reasonable price. Will be sure to check with you in the future.”

“Excellent website and easy to find what I was looking for.  I thought the price seemed a little high but the sensor pigtail I ordered did fix my issue.”

“Everything was perfect! Thank you!!!”

“A BIG THANK YOU! I was borrowing a friend’s truck while my trusty Honda Fit sat broken down. Your part & quick service May have saved a friendship. I’ll keep your website loaded for further help. Thanks again!”

“YES everything was wonderful thank you”


“I was really pleased with the product I received. Everything was as I expected, and made my repair a fast & quality repair. We don’t do a lot of repairs like this, but when we do & I need something I’ll be sure to check with you. Thanks!”

“Excellent was the right one was here when you told me it would be your staff made it so easy!”

“The plug was great. Thanks”

“Thank you for the fast, excellent service.”

“Worked out great, have saved your site to my favorites and will definitely be using your services again.”

“Perfect, received quick and parts correct. will use you guys more often, glad we found you..”

“Y’all were great all around thanks!”

“Thank you for the approach you take to customer service. I have really appreciated it. The product was perfect and fixed my issue in a matter of minutes.”


“Awesome service! And a great product. Fast shipping and had what I needed you guys will be yet another tool in our box. Thanks for everything!!”

“Product was excellent and we received next day early am as we needed, thank you”


“I want to let you know that not only was ordering online easy and fast but that part was spot in what needed to get my vehicle back on the road. The part arrived as expected. Thank you!”

“I’m so glad you guys were there I didn’t know people made things like that thank you very much I just put it in today Works fantastic thank you for being there!”

“Great Service! We will definitely be doing more business with you in the future, thank you!”


“Everything was great and thorough. I will recommend using you again. Thank you”

“Findpigtails.com has a huge variety of connectors that the dealership required me to buy in packs of 10. I only had to buy one from findpigails.com, and it was exactly what we needed to get our customer back on the road. The package arrived super fast, and there was even some delicious M&Ms inside. Thanks !!!!”

“Great job! i have you bookmarked so i can use you again. Thanks!”

“Amazing! Thank you guys :)”

“The part was a perfect fit! It came clean and well intact. Your site was also easy to navigate! Glad I stumbled onto your website! But now I need the whole harness. But I’m still thankful for the website find. I’ll be sure to save the address to my favorites.”

“It was exactly what I needed, you are saved in my computer for any further needs, thank you so much!”

“Y’all did awesome – had it in 2 days, been waiting months to hear from dealer and got it from y’all in 2 days”

“All went good. Thank you”

“Simple and to the point great service”

“Everything went Well !! Thank you”

“Thanks, you guys were great. I wasn’t able to find that connector anywhere else.”


“Thank you very much! Also thanks for the peanut m&ms”

“It was a perfect fit, I will bookmark the website thank you for all your help”

“I would like to tell you that it has been a pleasure working with you. Your team is very knowledgeable, helpful and professional. Your prices are also lower than your competitors which is great! Thank you so much for your help and have a great day!”

“[You did] great! Glad y’all are around!”

“Everything worked perfect! I installed the pigtail and ordered new headlights and everything works just right. Thank you!”

“Service was excellent. I needed (2) relay boxes on a 16 CRV. Ruston knew the exact parts & was very helpful. This saved us from buying a complete engine harness. I will recommend your company to others.”

“Thank you. Your representative Robert Felegi was very helpful.”

“Everything worked great!”

“Thank you for your email and prompt service. I am very happy with the quality and service I received from finditpigtails.com
and would use your service again in the future as needed.”

“Everything was good on the order. You guys always meet my expectations and are correct every time!”

“It was a perfect match. Web site was easy to use.”

“I will never forget your name.  You don’t know how hard it is to find something an unfair dealer doesn’t wish to help you with.”

“Response time was GREAT … Product knowledge was GREAT … Product was GREAT, PERFECT FIT … Delivery time as promised!”

“The part was a perfect fit. Really needed and you guys came through. Appreciate it, will be doing more business with you.”

“Product worked perfectly and service was great, was well please will use again in the future”

“You Guys have Outstanding service and Pigtail arrive sooner than expected , top-notch service Thank You!”

“Ya done good. You had that hard to find part and I put it in on a sunny day. It’s working good now. Thanks. Considering the stuff that’s going on these days. That’s really good service. I ordered something for an old radio on ebay and it’s gonna arrive late of course. But with you guys, no problem.”

“I accidentally ordered the wrong pigtail off of your site, and I as I went to order the correct one, I sent an email to customer support explaining the situation. Within about 15 minutes after sending that email, I got a call from one of your staff, Roberto R., and he was able to help me fix the issue and not have to return the first order. He was friendly, helpful and fast in resolving my wrong order. I appreciate the convenience of the website, and enjoy the level of customer service you guys have as well.”

“The pigtail I ordered fit perfectly!”

“Yeah the part worked perfect!”

“awesome thank you”

“Excellent perfect fit. Thank you.”

“Thanks for the product . Service and delivery in timely manner. Very hard to find part was available. Looking it up through the website was easy”

“you guys are amazing . I haven’t had any issues”

“perfect. first time ordering from y’all but I will definitely use you going forward.”

“The product was just right. I will call on you again when needed.”

“Everything was fine. The connector plugged right in- I went to my technician and check it myself.”

“You guys are the best. I will use you guys again definitely the fit was perfect thanks again.”

“Thank you, The pigtails worked out great and matched perfectly.”

“You did great, I needed that plug pigtail for a bobcat skid steer and bobcat wanted to sell me a complete wiring harness. As a matter of fact I sent them a link to your website for them to have access to the plugs they can’t get through Bobcat!”

“I am so thankful I was able to find your site, and order the fitting I needed. I had gone to Nissan parts, and they looked at me like I was crazy, until I took them to the car and showed it to them. After an hour of searching, they determined what part it was, but was indefinitely back ordered, and the parts manager said it could be from a month to a year before it would be available, if at all. Considering this fitting was to operate my drivers side rear brake light, I didn’t think waiting a year for parts was a good idea. I was going to take the rear brake light assembly and solder wires to it in an attempt to bypass the connection (not an easy or inexpensive thing to do) when I found your site. … I will be letting all my gearhead buddies know about it. Thanks again for your service. I know I will be back.”

“Great product, service and shipping. Thank you!”

“Glad I found your website, found the pigtail needed to repair my daughter’s vehicle, also gave the owner of the repair shop your website information …”

“Everything went well, part was correct and we thank you!”

“Everything was great, and seems to fit”

“Everything was great as always. Parts worked perfectly … thank you!”

“The pigtail was just what we needed and thank you for the M&Ms. That was unexpected but welcome.”


“the service was exceptional.”

“I am ordering the pigtails for several shops. None of them have expressed anything but complete satisfaction with the products you provide. Thank you!”

“Received the order and was very pleased with everything. Thank you for the great customer service and spot on merchandise.”

“Thank you! The pigtail ordered was exactly what we needed and the shipping time was great. We will keep you in mind for any future needs. Have A Great Day!”

“Great! We had ordered the wrong one and the picture you sent revealed our mistake, so the pictures we sent of the coolant sensor gave you enough info to send one that fit! We appreciate your extra effort! Thank you so much! 5 stars!”

“Yes, exact fit part. Definitely be ordering again.”


“Everything was perfect! Pigtail arrived as projected.”

“You saved the day….dealer told me the part cost 200.00 and minimum labor charge would be one hour for 156.00 dollars plus shop fee. Your person who filled order was great and will refer everybody to you …”

“I just want to say thank you so much for your kind service. I received my order from you guys on time and resolved my problem. I will definitely love to purchase more staffs from your company in the future. Please keep up the good work.”

“Hello, I wanted to say how I’m impressed with your level of customer service and satisfaction. I’m also happy to learn of your website. Being a mechanic, I will be doing business with you again I’m almost sure of it.”

“THANKS FOR A JOB WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Very satisfied, Excellent job!!!”

“I’ve placed two orders with you, both times were great experiences. Thank you, and thank you for the peanut M&Ms.”

“Your company did an excellent job. The part I ordered worked exactly as needed. Thank you”

“Everything was great and I will use you again!”

“The part shipped quickly and fit perfectly. The included Halloween candy was a fun surprise. My truck is running fine again. It feels good to have it fixed for $150 (including a service charge I paid to have a shop install it) versus the $500 the dealer wanted to replace the entire harness. Thanks!”

“Hello, you all did a fantastic job, helping me located the part I needed! I will refer you all and I will continue to be a customer. Thanks”

“I am really satisfied with your service. I love how fast the parts are shipped. P.S. Thanks for the M&M’S”

“The pigtail was perfect, everything went smoothly. Thanks for the service!”

“We will use your company again. Your staff is very competent & thorough. The product was correct & Oem quality. Thank you for your time”

“100% completely satisfied!!”

“Thank you. It arrived in a timely manner and I was able to fix my blinker light quickly. Excellent service and I will definitely go here if I have need of a pigtail again.”

“We have been delighted with the quality of your products and the speed that we receive them. Your customer service has been very accommodating. We will continue to order your products in the future.”

“It was easy to find on your site and was exactly what we needed. Thanks!”

“You guys are Great, no more digging to find the correct Pig Tail, pictures and Descriptions are A-1!!”

“worked great thank you! I will be ordering again when needed”

“Everything was great. I will be using ya’ll again. Thanks”

“I’ve used your company for many years and have had nothing but excellent experiences. From getting the correct pigtail from photos, to fast responses, and great turn around to receive items. Not to mention the sweet treat we get with our packages. Amazing work! Thank you!”

“excelente thank you so much”

“I couldn’t find the pigtail I needed for my Mazda . I found you guys and the representative got me the pigtail I needed . It fit perfect and will be doing business with you again when need be. Thank you”

“all good.  Thanks.”

“Very pleased. Thank you.”

“I’ve been using you guys for many many years now. Started when I worked for an insurance company and now back in the body shop.”

“Very satisfied with the product we received, the time it shipped and the price!! Getting harder and harder to find certain pigtails but will definitely use you guys again!!”

“Always satisfied. Service is easy to use, I don’t have to talk to anyone, and the part shows up on the promised delivery date. Thumbs up++.”

“Pigtails worked fine and fit well. They didn’t have the pins numbered, but I guess that’s minor.”

“Wanted to let you know that we were very pleased with the purchase. It came next day which was awesome. We made the customer happy and in record time. We are definitely going to be doing business in the future with you. Thank you so much and you have a wonderful day!”




“You guys did great, got us out of a real bind not having to buy a harness. Have your sight bookmarked for future use. Thanks Again.”

“The plug worked great. I really lucked out finding your company. I ordered this plug due to Nissan wanting to sell me the whole engine wiring. … Thanks again!”

“Everything was great with our last order. I appreciate the quickness in which you all got us the parts.”

“Awesome. The part worked great. Wish I would have found you sooner. Would have saved me a lot of money. Your customer service guy was great. Thank you.”

“Excellent experience. … Delivery was on time and we save a lot of money on the repair. I will be sending your info on to my counterparts around the country…Thanks”

“A lot of the online orders companies sold the wrong part and wouldn’t return it, local businesses sold bad defective engines and engines to make a sale. Your online service guys that matched the part were super helpful polite and certain. I really appreciate the product y’all are delivering and wish you well going forward in business.”

“Worked great saved us from buying a harness, Thank You”

“I am very happy with your product. Worked perfectly.”

“Yes great”

“It worked great. Thanks.”

“Great job!  Arrived earlier than expected.  Perfect fit!”

“This was my 1st order with your company and I’m very satisfied with the product and your service.”

“we received the pigtail and it worked great.”


“Did great! Pigtail I ordered was a perfect match and is now installed. Glad I found your website as I run a service garage and these pigtails could come in very handy in the future. Thank”

“It was great. Thanks”

“Thanks for your help everything went perfectly”

“Thank you for your inquiry. The product, website, and shipping were all satisfactory. Hyundai does not service the particular pigtail I needed separately from the wiring harness, so your product was a great solution. I will be looking to findpigtails.com again in the future, I’m sure.”

“Everything was perfect. You saved me a ton of time and money. Thank you so much!”

In all honesty, I would say you guys nailed it!

“You guys did awesome will be returning in the future.”

“We will use you again!”

“Very happy with my transaction ! Will definitely use you again! And I already posted about my great experience on FB last week! So im spreading the word! Thanks!”


“Your staff was top notch in identifying and providing me with what I needed. Looking forward to doing business again.”

“Worked perfectly, I will definitely order from you again.”

“I was referred to your website by my mechanic who learned of it from a friend. The wire broke right at the plug on a sensor/connector plug on the alternator of my 2013 Honda CRV. Honda would not sell me this individual part – and quoted me $1,300 plus tax for a new engine wiring harness… I was very thankful to find your website and the exact product I needed (alternator plug for 2013 Honda CRV). It arrived on time in two days and worked perfectly. I installed it myself (I’m not a mechanic but I’m a DIY-er). I appreciated the 20% off first time customer coupon…and your part was a God-send in a difficult situation. (I also appreciated the peanut M&Ms!) Thanks!!”

“Excellent service as always”

The plug was a perfect fit. Very satisfied. Very helpful staff on the online chat. Thank you.

“Worked out great and shipping was 2 days like expected. Thanks.”

Your site and stock is awesome.  I left a 5 star review on Google.  Outstanding turnaround time from Order to delivery.  I could not find the pigtail I was looking for and I needed to deliver the car to our customer.  Well, thanks to your site, I found what I needed and delivered the car to our customer on time.  Thank you

“Pigtails worked perfectly, saved us $2k from having to get an OE harness from Infiniti. Will definitely use you guys again!”

“Hi, You Guys have Outstanding service and Pigtail arrive sooner than expected , top-notch service Thank You!1”

“Spot on! You guys saved our customer around $1500! Will use you guys again!”

I just wanted to let you know that you were all amazing. This site was the only place that I could find the part I needed, which saved me hundreds. The item came fast, and was exactly what I needed. Thank you all so much!

“Everything worked out great! Hyundai only sells the entire harness for the engine compartment. I just needed pigtails for the fog lights!”

“It has been a pleasure working with you.  Your team is very knowledgeable, helpful and professional.  Your prices are also lower than your competitors which is great!  Thank you so much for your help and have a great day!”

“Everything was exactly “AS ADVERTISED”. I can’t ask for anything more. You guys are the “GOLD STANDARD” in my book.”

“The connector worked out well. Thank you”

“The pigtail was a life saver and I’m very grateful that I received it pretty quickly. Everything fit like a glove. Thank you!”

“It took about 30 seconds to find the pigtail I needed. The photos are really clear so it makes it easy to compare. Pretty fast service considering all the bad weather you are having.”

“I will definitely use you in the future. You all have great customer service, thank you for that! We got the part very quick! I appreciate that! :)”

“Yes, everything was perfect. Customer service very helpful and part was correct. Thank you”

“Perfect fit Thank you”

“Quick turn around and part was correct. Very happy with the service.”

“Yes everything was great.”

“Everything was great doing business with your company. It was the ONLY place online I could easily find exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!!!”

“great thank you! appreciate the M&Ms as well makes they day!”

“It was exactly what I needed. Saved me from buying a whole new harness!! Thank you!!”

“All worked out well”

Your site and stock is awesome. Outstanding turnaround time from Order to delivery.  I could not find the pigtail I was looking for and I needed to deliver the car to our customer.  Well, thanks to your site, I found what I needed and delivered the car to our customer on time.

“The pig tails work exactly like expected. Thanks”

“Very happy with the product and customer service. In the past we’ve used [a competitor], and while the product was good, the customer service was lacking. Also, you guys have a great website.”

“Product worked perfect and came quickly. Thank you”

“Thanks for the follow up. So far you guys are 2 for 2 on connectors. Perfect fit & delivered in a timely fashion. Roberto has been super helpful & seems quite knowledgeable with your products. Operating a collision repair shop & having to deal with damaged electrical connectors has always been a pain in the butt. So far you guys have been a great help. Thank you & I know I’ll be contacting you for more connectors.”

“You did great. Exact match.”


“first time using you will do business with you more thank you…”

“Item received as advertised. Appears to be excellent quality and will be installing for function in the next few days.”

“part worked perfectly…cant believe i didnt know about you sooner”

“I received my part and it was put on within hours of receiving it. Yesss,  I could not find this part anywhere, but thanks to FINDPIGTAILS.com. You guys saved me a lot of time ,money and aggravation. I will always come to you guys first and I will refer my friends and family if needed. Thanks Again.”

“Excellent service. Will definitely use again.”


“Everything was great, Definitely saved the client’s vehicle from a total loss with insurance. Nissan wanted the whole harness replaced.”

“You did well! Thanks!”

“The part was a perfect fit! It came clean and well intact. Your site was also easy to navigate! Glad I stumbled onto your website!”

“I ordered a headlight pigtail for our 2004 Toyota Tacoma. It worked perfectly.”

“Wonderful service it went great .”



“Your guys’ customer service was great! I appreciated you guys taking time out to ensure I had the right pigtails.”


“The ease of finding the connector I needed, ease of ordering, reasonable price, quick shipping and perfect quality of the product when it arrived made this an A+ experience for me.”

“The plug works great. Just what I needed.”

“You guys rock! I work for G&C Autobody, we are northern California’s largest growing body shop. 16 stores and counting. I am letting them know about your services, Greatly appreciated the service and quick delivery. Will use you again! Thank you!”


“You did awesome, I really appreciate it!”


“great as always”

“I was very satisfied customer service was great and I got my order fast.”

“It was the part I needed and it did the job. Thank you”

“Service was great and item fit perfectly. Got me out of a bind. Will definitely use you again. Thanks.”

“We are pleased with the help we received finding the right pigtail and having it ordered and delivered in a timely manner. We will certainly be using this company again next time we need any plugs. Thanks.”

“Thank You your detail to customer service is most impressive!”

“You did absolutely fantastic. Thank you.”

“As usual we are very happy with the product and the service. I am glad with all the car companies that don’t sell these pigtails your company makes life a little easier for us. We need all the help we can get!”

“Everything was perfect thank you!”

“it was great , thanks so much for your help.”

“Excellent work! Online help found me the correct pigtail and it was delivered quickly.”

“Yes it worked out great as always, Thank you”

“Excellent! Good job.”

“Was struggling to find a harness connector for an old truck and then I found this site by accident. I chatted with someone online; took a couple of pictures of the harness connector I need to mate with and in a few seconds, I was given a part number of its mate. Very impressed!”

“I made an order on Tuesday and it was almost immediately processed and shipped. I received the package at 1:06 two days later. I ordered online and my invoice says Robert Felegi was my sales rep. I want to say “thank you” for such great customer service, especially this day and time. And…my wife says thanks for the M&Ms !! Thanks again !!”

excellent service thank you part got here and worked like a charm. Thank you.

“Great job!”

“EXCELLENT. Look forward to the next one.”

“Great experience. I was a little worried, but your pics online assured me that I would be getting exactly what I needed. Definitely met my expectations. Thank you.”

“You guys are terrific. I could not find the pigtail anywhere. Item was a little pricey but since I could find one anywhere else it was worth the price. Many Thanks.”


“Your company has always done a great job for us. You are one of the best finds we have had in recent years. We appreciate your expediency and vast selection of pigtails. We will definitely be using you in the future. Thank you.”

“Your right about locating a quality wired harness or plug. Jeep Wranglers seem to be notorious for bad headlight wiring.at the headlight. People do not wire this area in a reliable fashion, good pigtails are hard to find. Yours are VERY pricey . Purchased the plugs to clean up this area and be reliable. Other connectors on the market just do not cut it.”

“Great service.  Right part.  What more should I say?  My collision center will continue to support and use your company.”

“Everything went well. Very satisfied and will refer if the opportunity comes up. Thanks for the prompt service.”

“You did great! Thank you for all your help.”

“I have to say that I am very happy that you guys are around. I have been trying to figure out why my check engine light has been on for literally years, and then I finally discovered the bad connector. I searched everywhere for it and had a garage tell me that I was going to need to replace the entire wiring harness. Though I initially thought the price of the pigtail was pretty exorbitant it ended up saving me hundreds of dollars, and my check engine light is finally gone! Thank you and if I ever need another connector I will remember your company!”

“Dealer didn’t carry the connector for my Durango. Wanted to charge $1900 for the entire harness. You had the connector and saved me $1800. Thanks!”

“It was the correct connector and worked well. It would be nice if prices were a bit lower but I also understand it’s a specialty item. thanks”

“We have just recently found you guys and it has been amazing, we really appreciate everything you guys do!”

“Exactly what I needed!!”

“Excellent! Both customer service and product.”

“The pigtail worked perfectly!”

“The pigtail was perfect!”

“Thank you very much for the amazing customer service and fast shipping in getting my connector and wiring!! I will definitely be back for future purchases!”


“Worked great, you’ll be hearing from me for the next one. THANKS!”

I’m extremely satisfied with the whole process. I used the product to replace a plug that broke off in a motorcycle. I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to find a replacement. Fortunately I found your webpage. I don’t remember how exactly. I think it was by an internet search or YouTube. What saved the day was the function in your website were you take a picture and the system recommends a replacement. I found mine at the top of the list. Pretty amazing. Thanks, Gustavo

“Part was in perfect condition, and really good quality. Thank you!!”

“Plug fit perfect. Service was great!”

“Yes the pigtail work just great. Thanks for your help.”

“I was really impressed with the customer service with the whole process, from the online chat team, the fast shipping, the correct product, and to top it off the peanut M&M sent with my order! Exceptional customer service that every American company should follow suit! Thank you!!!”

“Perfect, thank you so much!”

“The part we ordered from you was perfect! It was exactly what was pictured, and it worked like a charm. I will admit that we were a little worried about ordering from a website that we had never heard of before. But we had exhausted every other way of getting this particular pigtail. We were desperate and decided to take a chance with you guys. We were not disappointed! It also arrived on time, which was amazing considering how far that part had to travel in two days.”

“You rock! According to everyone else, including Kia the part I bought from you doesn’t exist. Kia said I would have to buy a new wiring harness for $1,600! Not happening for a twelve year old car that was hit by a deer. So glad I found your website. You saved me a ton of money! Thank you!”

“Your site and product were both great. We had a hell of a time finding this part and gave up and took it in to the dealership and they wanted to charge us 375.00 just to look at the car and do the diagnostic. We of course said yeah no lol. We happened upon your site when we got home and had the part in hand in two days and it took ten minutes to install. Thank you for saving us who knows how much! We will tell anyone when know to check you out for those parts. Thanks again!”

“Great – thank you so much! You turned a nightmare into a dream come true.”

“You guys have been a lifesaver on many wiring harness repairs for our shop!”

“I am very pleased with your service, my order arrived earlier than expected and fit like a glove when I installed it.”

“You have better prices and two day delivery is awesome.”

“You guys have helped me greatly. Before I discovered your site, tracking down pigtails through our usual guys was a pain in the neck. You have made it fast and easy, I appreciate it! I look forward to continuing business with you guys.”

“Worked out perfect got it installed THANK YOU”

“Thank you so much the item got here and was put on. Your service was great! If I need anything else I’ll make sure I come back just to this website to order things. The prices are very reasonable too.”

“Everything was great. Always good service.”

“Findpigtails is top notch! We have yet to run into a situation where you were unable to meet our pigtail needs! Absolute lifesaver! Thanks for all the help!”

“All worked out well, appreciate the availability, thanks.”

“You did great, I got the part that I needed and some help on how to wire it. Your price is a little high but you’re the only one that had one.”

“Very satisfied. I liked that I could look up vehicle application. I will definitely use you guys again.”

“Always top notch. Keep it up”

“Everything was great. The customer service was exceptional and the pigtail was correct and arrived quickly.”

“Everything was great. Correct connectors and delivered on time.”

“You guys did great thanks”

“It was perfect. Thanks.”

“Thank you for your fine customer service, it’s refreshing to see!”

“It was perfect fit. Thanks a lot”

“Worked out great. Thanks again”

“Easy to find what I needed … fast shipping and fixed the problem. Great job”

“Right on the money! Thanks!”

“It was perfect very happy with this. I downloaded the app because I am a body tech and if we ever run into an issue finding pigtails this will be my go to. Thank you”

“Great Service provided and we hit the correct part first time around which is nice. Thank your team for me, will definitely use again”

“Thank you for sending me that pig tail promptly. It was the perfect fit for that application. Saved me the cost of purchasing a complete wire harness, salvage yard visit and ruining the warranty of a newly purchased fan housing for my 2003 Jeep.”

Your company has always knocked it out of the park, true champions

“Products works great”

“Thank you for the email! I really appreciate you following up, what great service you are providing!

The pig tail worked great!!! Your customer service team was amazing they helped me make sure I was getting the right one by allowing me to send a picture over for them to review before confirming I was selecting the right one! The car is back up and running and I could not be more pleased!!!”

“You guys did great as always. Lucky to have you in the same city”

“[It’s] about time somebody is doing this service, And to also get it right, It’s a Beautiful Thing! I really appreciate what you do and what you provide to our industry as a whole…IT’S HUGE!!! Job Well Done! Thank To You & Best Regards”

“You did fantastic. It was a perfect fit. The customer was very happy!”

“I am very happy with the pigtail I purchased and it worked perfectly so I am very very happy with the end result, thank you for your products”

“Best web site for connectors, GREAT service with knowlegable people, and follow up.”

“[It] was an easy transaction. I have told 3 others about you and will use you again in the future as Mopar isn’t able to supply some of the repair kits I need.”

“All went well. Connector was correct. Arrived on time.”

“The experience was great! Easy to find my part, order and delivery was prompt. It was even the right part and I installed it with no trouble. Now my wife’s 2011 Prius has two working headlamps!

Thanks for your help! I’m not an automotive professional, so I’m unsure of whether or not I’ll get an opportunity to refer, but if I do, I’ll happily share my story.”


“I was very happy with the service and product I have already installed it and everything is working perfectly thank you so very much I will definitely tell others about you!!!”

“In the last 3 years I have never gotten a wrong connector! You even still got our connectors to me when Dallas was flooded from the hurricane! Now THAT’S service! I will continue to use your company exclusively, Thank you all for being the BEST! Please feel free to share this with your team, they deserve to know how awesome they are and they are very appreciated!”

“Service was great, shipping was fast, Pigtail fixed our issue. 5/5 stars thank you guys!”

“Easiest and fasted way to get pigtails I never have problems and always get the best help thank you guys so much. John if you aren’t using them yet I would really consider you start bud!”

“Thank you the part fitted perfectly on my Jeep Gladiator 2020 throttle body, would definitely recommend to anyone who’s in need of the part.”

“The pig tail was perfect!! Fixed my check engine light”

“I used you guys to find a pigtail that I couldn’t get through any of my other commercial resources through my company. My customer was very happy with the part and I will be using you guys in the future.”

“You guys did awesome. The shop misdiagnosed issue, glad I didn’t buy a $1200 wire harness and am grateful to have found you online. IF I should ever need you in the future I will certainly reach out. I have the feeling the shop I had the pigtail sent too will also use you in the future. Thanks again for helping.”

“Everything was fine. My customer was pleased. Fast delivery time.”

“You did great, thank you.”

“In this business we are up against time constraints and all kinds of other problems. I am very pleased with the service and will certainly do business with you in the future. As a collision shop that repairs a lot of vehicles with wiring damage, your company will certainly help us again! Thanks for the great product and excellent service.”

“I know myself and the others who order parts for us won’t go anywhere else for our pig tail needs.”

“did good! thank you”

“Yes it was exactly what we needed and thank you for the fast shipping! I will be sure to recommend you! Thank you!”

“This is the first time I’ve used y’all. I work at a collision repair facility. We have to replace pigtails sometimes, and with the vendor we’ve used in the past, it was sometimes difficult to find the correct pigtail. I love your app where I can take a picture of the pigtail and and the app will find what pigtail it is! Makes my job much easier! … I will definitely be using your company for future pigtail purchases.”

“You guys did great! Spot on with the pigtail as I’ve had a hard time finding exactly what I needed. I was a little iffy about the price but the product was correct, shipping was fast, and you guys really made me laugh when you put a bag of m&ms in with my order. Thank you for your help getting my dog lights working again!”

“The app is straight forward and easy to use, and I can’t believe how quickly the pigtails have arrived after ordering. In the past we’d have to wait a week or more for pigtails from other companies and the two I received from findpigtails.com showed up within 3 days of ordering. I’ve already emailed our other shop locations to tell them to download the app. Thanks for the great service!”

“I just wanted to say that our car was fixed yesterday and so far the pigtails we ordered are working great!”

“You have definitely earned a customer!”

Everything went perfect…. the service and the part…..

“Yall did great I will definitely be using yall again in the future”

“Great deal! I’m very pleased with the product. It saves a lot of time and research.”

“very satisfied”

“I received my order today as promised and wanted to thank you for your help in the selection process of the correct plug and the correct wire size to match what was the original plug that had been damaged. I connected the new plug to the fan plug and it fit perfectly and applying power proved the fan is once again functioning properly.”

“Everything plugs in and fits as it should and as advertised.”

“Everything went well. Received part very quickly … Very satisfied with your company… would definitely use you again. Will certainly recommend you to other shops and insurance companies. Keep up the good work”


Everything went well

I am very satisfied with your products, considering that I work for a collision center and I have to order parts for the techs asap, so delivery is important and so far everything I have ordered has arrived in a timely manner.

“Thank you. The part arrived when promised and fit my application perfectly.”

“Item was exactly what I needed. after splicing the leads, connector plugged in with now problem. Liked the long leads. Thanks for the 2 day shipping. Great service. Thanks”

“The process from start to finish was easy, accurate, and efficient. We received the connector for the Mini right on time and delivered the car on time to the customer as promised! Well Done!!”

“Connector was correct the 1st time – Thank you.”

“Worked great.”

Worked out perfect, thanks.

“The product is very good … Is like I expect… Thanks again..”

“The pigtail you sent was what I needed. Thanks for your assistance.”

“Your company continues to amaze us. It is no telling how many times we have used your service, and how much this process has saved – both of us in time, and the owners in repair cost. Outstanding service……………”

“you guys did great. My product arrived sooner than I thought and was the exact thing I needed. Thank you”

“So far so good with this pigtail order. I have shared your info with some of my local contacts”

Everything worked out perfect thank you so much

“After months of trying to find the right connector, I am pleased to say you came to my rescue. The connector fit my Kia perfectly and saved me a lot of money. I will keep your company in my contacts for future needs. Thanks”

“You guys did a great job the pigtail fit great amd I received it sooner than expected”

fits the sensor correctly. Thanks

“Excellent as always! It is a pleasure using your company once again. It is always a relief to see an available pigtail option that can be used, rather than having to replace an entire wiring harness. Thanks again for the great quality product and quick shipping!”

“Thanks for a great job.”

“great quality!”

“You are great as always!”

“As a first time customer, I was very satisfied. The product I ordered came in a reasonable time and was the correct part aswell. If I or a friend need a part like this in the future. I will definitely recommend you.”

“Yes, I am completely satisfied with your product and the timely shipment of my order. Tell your staff “Great Job”!”

“The product was great and exactly what I needed. The video that was on the website was also extremely helpful in replacing my old pigtail with the new one. I am very satisfied with the purchase.”

“Hi the part was great y’all did really good fast shipping and the website is very easy to use I really appreciate all your help in getting the product to me thank you so much”

“All was good, fit perfectly, Thank you”

“You guys provided exactly what I needed and quickly, thank you.”


“You guys are always great. You have your stuff together ! I also love the peanut m&ms :)”

“it was a perfect fit for the jeep. thanks”

“Everything was great”

“Thanks, I appreciate the detail in your web site without this resource it would be impossible to replace a pigtail without ordering an entire wire harness.”

“Shipping was timely and overall great experience. I’ve already been telling people about your site. Thanks to you I repaired my transfer case wiring and in the process saved me $340 on the parts alone. Add to the labor I would have needed to have installed who knows how much it could have been. PS. This is the ONLY place I could find this specific part. So if a mouse decides to attack my wiring again I hope this product is still produced.”

“Service was amazing, worked perfectly and expedited in very good time!!! Thank you!”

“You all did great.  Many thanks for the quick response!”

“I am very happy with your service and the item came in very fast in a timely manner.”

“The connectors fit perfectly. I upgraded my halogen fogs to LEDs but found out during the install that the connectors are different. You are one of the few vendors that I found which sell the correct connectors for LED lights. Thanks!”

“Excellent, Thank you”

“Great product and excellent service. Definitely using you again!”

“Did great. Harnesses were a spot on. Car was repaired and customer was happy. Thanks.”


“Yessir; we did indeed have a good experience. We will definitely call you again when the need arises.”

“Thank you for your email and great customer service”

“did great worked like a charm thank you so much”

“Thank you for getting the part to me so quickly. My lights are now working great!”

“Pigtail worked great! I tried looking for a similar pigtail at the auto stores and dealer, and I found it to be unsuccessful. The worst part was running around trying to find a part so simple yet so important. I am grateful that your company supplied the part needed for the quick repair. I will definitely be doing business in the near future. Thanks for everything.”

“Everything was great and thanks for helping us find the correct ones!”

Y’all did an awesome job with my picture. The man that helped me in chat was able to find my fuel pump pigtail within a couple of minutes. I got the part a couple days later. It was perfect match and easy to install.  Thanks for the help and I’ll definitely let anyone I know looking about ya’ll.

“excellent thank you for your help!”

“thank you very much”

“Was correct pigtail. Just a bit pricey. Worked great. Thanks”

“Plug worked great! It was just what I needed. Fast Shipping! It was quite pricey though”

Yes the part fit the car and so happy we found you. Thank you so much!

“You did great.  I had run around considerably trying to find what I needed with no luck.  My wife found your website and we found just what we needed.”

“Great quality product and fast service. Thank you for the service parts like these are hard to find”

“Perfect thanks a bunch”

“I was very satisfied with your Customer service And your company.”

“They worked perfect thank you.”

Everything worked perfectly!

“We are very happy with the service we received. Order was to us very fast!! Nice to know there are companies that still take pride in their service like yours!! We we will placing more orders in the future.”

“Hello everything worked like it should I didn’t have to buy a complete wiring harness for the forklift to get just the one plug thank you .p.s your website is great and very easy to use.”

“Everything was super smooth and easy. Thumbs up”

I received the two products I ordered and was very happy with the quality and fast shipment time. Thank You

“The pig tail is exactly what we were looking for! Thank you much!”

“Excellent thank you very much”

“flipping awesome thanks bunches we will buy again.”

“It worked great!! Thanks!!”

“Your company is awesome. The pigtail I ordered was exactly what I needed. I have a bodyshop so I run thru this all the time and its crazy how much these wire harnesses are. Thanks for all you do. Keep it up.”

“Everything went great. Thanks again for all your help!”

“100 percent spot on. Could not be happier thanks you so much for having what I needed.”

We did receive the part and it came quickly and was what we needed!


“The product and costumer service was great, the connector that I purchased was exactly what I was looking for. I’ll definitely keep you in mind for future purchases.”

“I had a most pleasant experience with findpigtails.com and sent a link to your site to a friend who owns an automotive repair shop. Your site is easy to navigate and when I had a question, the chat system worked perfectly to get me to the right part. Add in two day delivery and all is well! I wish you well into the future.”

“Thank you!”

“My Infiniti dealer recommended you instead of having to buy a harness and it was a wise move for me. Your delivery time was shorter and less expensive than “the other guys”. Will definitely be ordering from you again. Thank you.”

“Great correct part !”

“Good quality part and excellent customer service. Thank You for everything.”

“Top Notch Service. And that is really lacking in todays modern world. Thank You Pigtails.”

“Yes we were happy and it fixed our problem.”

Your pigtail worked perfectly and saved us from buying expensive harness, thank you!

“Your Website was user friendly to be able to locate what we needed. We received in 2 days, Thank you much! We just installed the pigtail to replace a broken original factory installed one in our 2009 Nissan Murano SL. Everything is working perfectly. We have your Website favored for any future need through our business, friends and family. Grace and Peace to All”

“GREAT!!!!!! WILL USE YOU AGAIN..!!!!!!!!!!!”

“It was exactly what I needed.  Dealership wasn’t able to supply pigtail without entire wiring harness and harness is on indefinite back order.  Thanks for providing this in timely manner.”

“Excellent job – thank you!”

“The pig tail is exactly what we were looking for! Thank you much!”

“you guys are awesome I’m very Appreciative on how you Operate my part was Accurate I would Refer you if ever needed you Definitely have a customer in me thank you very very much!”

“The service was Great!! I couldn’t find the connector I needed and the online help was outstanding. I took a picture of the connector and uploaded it and was directed to the correct pigtail.”

“I want to thank Robert for his assistance helping me find the pigtail for my 2002 Jeep Wrangler. His assistance was very supportive of me and my searching for this part that until I spoke with him was UNAVAILABLE. THANKS AGAIN 10 STARS”

“The pigtail you sent was a perfect match for my vehicle.  I wired it up and it plugged in with no problem.”

“Plug is Great and we will use you in the future. Fast shipping, thank you”

“we are very pleased with my first 2 orders. you can expect us to use you again. keep up the good work.”

“You guys were great! Great customer service and delivered right on time!”

“It was really easy to place the order. I got the product really fast and it was correct. Thank you so much. Looking forward to using your site again.”

“find your company very helpful”

“Great! Part worked well. We had a radar sensor stolen off car and wire harness end connector retainer clips were busted. Nissan dealer could only sell a $1500 full wire harness but mechanic suggested I find a connector from salvage yard or somewhere and he would rework the existing harness. Your product was a blessing. Job complete! New sensor working great. Thank you Findpigtails.”

“Thanks, we have had a great experience with the product. We are satisfied.”

“Yall where great. I will be buying from yall from now on.”

“Product was exactly what I needed and your customer service with helping me with finding the correct plug was 100% on point. Thank you for your service”

“I am extremely impressed with the product and shipment. Customer service was great when I called in before ordering. Made sure I had the exact plug I needed. I have shared you website on the Mercedes SLK forum. We are always having a hard time finding the right plugs for these cars. Thanks again”

“Everything was great I really appreciate your services.”

“You guys did great! Super easy to find what I needed! Thank you so much!”

“You guys are awesome and always do a fantastic job.”

“Your service was very good. I received the connector-pigtail n just two days after I ordered it. It was the right one and I had it installed the next day. Thanks for your quick response. AA satisfied customer”

“Everything worked great. Thank you”


“The pigtail worked great! We will be purchasing more from you as our needs arise.”

“Awesome job. Correct part and excellent delivery time”

“You did good!”

“Your part saved this vehicle from a complete wiring harness and being a total loss. Part also came very quickly.”

“All went well, the process is unique and seamless. Your company is our go to every time. Thanks so much”

“Perfect. Thanks”

“The pigtail works great thanks”

“Thank you for the follow-up. After searching high and low, I FINALLY found a site that carried what I was looking for… … findpigtails.com! Not only did you stock the product, the customer service was outstanding, beginning with the reply to my initial email confirming the part was in stock. The website is easy to browse, questions were answered in a timely manner and the product arrived … even before I expected it. The communication provided by your staff was outstanding. Thanks for the great experience.”

“Thank you for being the only place I could find the pigtail for my Hyundai Sonata. It works great and I was able to get my a/c working consistently now and it’s necessary in the Texas heat. Again thank you!”

“Very good product was just what I need thank so much”

“Service and product were both great”

“Product fit well. Shipping time was quick. Price was a little high compared to competitors but I needed the part ASAP and you guys came through. Thanks”

“Excellent service – fast and simple. Thank you!”

“Fantastic service you provide. THanks”

“Pigtail was perfect match with old one, thanks for quick service.”

“It was perfect”

“Arrived within time frame and fixed my immediate needs – 5 Stars”

“You did excellent! The Ambient temperature sensor on my wife’s 2017 Maxima stopped working and needed replaced. Come to find out it was a broken wire on the pigtail plug. Searching the internet I came across your website and found the part i needed. Ordered Sunday afternoon and received it Wednesday. Part was exactly as described and made for a easy install. Thank you so much for the excellent service.”

“Let’s put it this way no one else had anything even close to the right one and you guys had the exact one so thank you so much.”

“Yes, the part was perfect and correct. Thank you”

“It was good – you guys were very helpful.”



“I ordered a special plug for my a/c blower motor that I couldn’t find even in salvage yards. Robert found the part within minutes of me asking if findpigtails.com had it in stock. The price and part worked out for me. I was able to install it myself and stay cool in Florida in the middle of August. Thank you.”

“You guys are fabulous. Thanks very much.”

“Thank you very much! It was a seamless transaction”

“You guys did great, product was great! We have a collision repair shop and when we need more pigtails you’ll have our business. Thank You.”

“Thank you for your service. I will continue to reach out to you and your company when the opportunity arises.”

“I was very satisfied with the prompt delivery of my order. Thank you.”

“Yes it was perfect now my car is running again thank you.”

“Part was correct fit. Webchat gave me confidence in purchasing the exact part I needed.”

“The pigtail worked perfect for my Toyota. Thanks!”

“Yes! Delivery was very punctual and the product was perfect! Thanks again!”

“Excellent service will definitely use you guys again”

“Great service and super fast delivery. Just the right part to fix my problem.”

“Just what I needed.”

“Your company continues to amaze us. It is no telling how many times we have used your service, and how much this process has saved – both of us in time, and the owners in repair cost. Outstanding service!”

“You not only met my expectations you exceeded them you have a very good thing working over there the product Is great and your service is 100% good I will definitely be using you again in the future”

“All good, thank you”

“Excellent job! website was easy to maneuver. Pig tail arrived well before expected wired in and happy customer! Was referred to you guys from my local dealer and will be back!”

“The part worked great. It was nice to be able to add the shrink and solder too. That makes sure the technician has everything for a proper repair. The website was very helpful and easy to match sockets. (almost too easy)”

“Fantastic. The pigtail worked and saved the customer a lot of money.”

“Cheaper and more reasonable shipping than place I was using. Plus the bonus bag of M&M’s sealed the deal!”

“So good so far, have mentioned your name to others”

“It was a perfect fit.  Thank you so much!”

“Pigtail worked like a charm. Thank you”

“You guys did an awesome job and the pigtail fit perfectly. Thank you all!”

“Part fit perfectly and delivery time was great considering I ordered late Tuesday afternoon.”

“Item arrived quickly. Worked great. We will keep you in mind for future hard to find pigtails.”

“Service is always top notch! Thank you!”

“Product was excellent. Not able to acquire from OEM. Fast delivery. Thank you”

“The part was exactly what we expected and arrived on time.  Great job! We will order again!”


“I soldered the connections in place and attached the plug with lock. It works perfectly. You were the only company I found that offered this particular pigtail so many thanks. I will recommend your company to anyone in need of a pigtail!!! Thanks again.”

“The plugs were exactly what I needed and on time. Everything was great, thanks.”

“Worked fine! Matched factory exact. I’ll definitely refer people your direction.”

“Yes you did a great job, the product fit and is working properly.”

“I appreciate you reaching out and checking up on us. I used your website at a different shop previously and ya’ll have come through for me before. Very glad to report that we haven’t had any issues here either. FindPigtails is an excellent resource for independent repair facilities.”


“Your company was a life saver! Thanks a bunch! I am spreading the word to all my mechanic associates!”


“Absolutely outstanding! Pigtail worked great and customer is very happy! Thank you!”

“Extremely Happy. No problems.”

“everything worked out great , thanks again”

“Yes your product and service met my expectations. The shipping was fast. You will be my go to for my pigtail needs.”

“Awesome received the pigtail I needed in a timely manner , and the help I received was on point and accurate.”

“Doing business with you guys is easy and so far all parts have been correct. Thanks for everything.”

“Yes I was very satisfied. The website is very easy to find what you’re looking for. I will definitely refer everyone asking where to go. You sold me on findpigtails.com”

“It was big relief to find your company!! My tailgate got stolen and they snipped the harness on the body side of my truck . I looked everywhere for the pigtail that I needed with no luck until I found you company on line. Your search options narrowed it down and even had a picture of the pigtail I needed. The pigtail showed up in just a couple of days, I installed it and perfect fit.”

“This was my second order and your staff has been helpful both times. If I need parts in the future, I will check with y’all first. Thanks again”

“Thank you very much the product was perfect by car and I appreciate your efficiency. Thank you again!”

“Very happy with the product I purchased from you.”

“We received the order quickly and correctly. It worked for our situation perfectly. We will be using your business in the future. Thanks for being there for all of our wiring plug nightmares and turning them into solutions. We appreciate you.”

“The pigtail worked great. Though it was not an automobile. It was an Arctic Cat 4-Wheeler, and if you are keeping track Model was a 2008 650 H1, Ignition plug. We are up and running, thank you!”

“Everything was well and part was received in a timely manner, we will recommend you all to anyone in need.”

“Thank you  !! Definitely will buy again”

“Everything was great. Correct part & was on time. Appreciate your service.”

“Excellent experience!  Your site is now in my favorites for future “challenges”.  Thanks again.”

“I have purchased items from your company several times. Your website is easy to use and your service is as promised. Does it get any better than that?”

“You guys made it so easy and got a part from Texas to Canada in a couple days … That is quicker than most of my parts I get! Thank you for the great service!”

“The part was correct and arrived as promised. Thanks for your help!!”

“Good job. Excellent product. Fast shipment.  Exceeded expectations. Thanks.”

“Great!!! Thank you!!”

“I just want to tell you that I am so grateful to have found your company.  I wouldn’t have been able to get my moms Sorento fixed if it was not for finding the needle in a haystack. These items seem to be a hot commodity in Arizona cause I went to 7 different salvage yards and none of them had this item so thank you with all my heart!”

You guys did awesome, I received my pigtail so fast and it was the exact one I needed and it was identical at the OEM … We will definitely using you guys all the time now.  The only downfall is the freight cost to Canada ($65.00) I already gave your website to a Kia dealership here in town (parts department) and they are very happy about it.

“These pigtails were the perfect fit and took no time to install.”

“You guys did a great job – spot on. And your first time buyer discount made purchasing a ridiculously priced pigtail affordable. Thank you again.”

“I am so happy I found this website. I got into a car accident and the driver side abs was ripped out on impact. The mechanic couldn’t find the piece and everyone including kia was telling me they don’t sell pigtails and that I would have to replace everything for $1800. Thank you so much for selling this item, you saved me money and gave me peace of mind.”

“awesome service. plug end worked perfectly and easy to get…thanks”

“Excellent service on both of our 2 orders.”

“I received the pigtail and came on time and it was the right tail very impressed keep up the good job thanks”

“Great as always! Thanks for all your help I look forward to the next time we are in need of your service.”

“I received the connector quickly and it fit perfectly. Thanks!”

“Everything was great!  You guys have saved us numerous times since we found out about you guys.  Thanks again.”

“Very kind via the chat on regards to a plug I needed for my kia soul.  Kia does not sell the plug separately  from the whole assembly of a headlight. … I was impressed I will be using your company in the future if anything  else breaks and not covered under warranty with kia. Lifesavers you  are.. saved a single mom  1500 bill it was under 200 with having it installed at my local garage in my town.  I will recommend  you to family and family  for sure.”

“Everything was great. Your team found me the right pigtail and ordered in the same day I emailed it in and was shipped to me in a couple days. Very happy with the experience and will be using you again whenever I need a pigtail. Thanks!”

“Everything was very satisfactory. Thank you!”

“U guys r great. Fantastic customer service.”

“I was very pleased as always with the support provided during the ordering process. Additionally, the part was exactly what we needed and experienced an overall great experience!”

“Everything was excellent, from the online chat part, your guys figuring out what I needed, shipping, etc. Overall great experience. Thanks!”

“Yes they worked amazing for what I needed”

“The product I ordered from your company met all expectations and arrived in a timely manner. The pigtail connector to one of my wife’s cars taillights burnt out and our local dealership wanted to charge us a fortune to fix it. So I’m glad I found your website as fixing it myself saved us a lot of money.”

“Good afternoon, I did a chat online, and the representative that helped me was awesome! He was so knowledgeable, and pleasant. I would absolutely order from you again, and refer others!! Thank you”


Part was an exact fit thankyou

“Your tech was awesome”

“everything was correct and very timely, thank you,”

“Thanks for your service. It was smooth and easy and I will be back next I need you.”

“It worked great! Thank you!”

“Pigtails are always on point! Never an issue, especially with some of the advisors’ experience.”

Worked great thank you

“Your company was recommended by our main shop. … I loved your website, really easy to use! Will definitely be using you for future needs.”

“You guys do great, thanks!”

“Pigtail was exact match and received quicker than the previous supplier I had been using in the past.”

“Great! Correct pigtail and fast delivery, will definitely use you again”

“All my expectations were met. It arrived quickly and my 3 year old son loved the little pack of m&m’s that came with it! Thanks.”

“everything was perfect. thank you”

“You guys were great. Right product on time. Excellent service.”

“Everything was great!”

“100% satisfied always have gotten what i needed.”

“You are my go to for pig tails.”


“Worked great!”


“Fabulous!!! This is just what we needed – saved us from buying a whole harness from Hyundai!!! Your site is saved to my favorites!!”

“Everything worked out great! Thank you!”

“Excellent experience saved my butt from a large mechanic bill and headache”

“The service was excellent, product arrived on time. We will definitely use you guys again.”

“The pigtail was exactly what I needed for a car at our Body Shop. As always y’all have excellent prices and fast shipping. Thank you!”

Fantastic as always! Thanks for the great service!

“Thank you for inquiry. Yes, the pigtail you sent was exactly what my customer need. Saved them from spending hundreds to replace a harness. I like that you complete orders so quickly, my customer minimized the time they had the vehicle owner in a loaner. I will certainly go to you for future needs.”

Everything worked great, fast shipping the connector quality was like an oem connector. Very happy with the part and price. Website is easy to use and to locate a connector and the customer service is great.

“I’ve placed a couple of orders in the last couple of weeks. Very user friendly site. Good pics and descriptions to assure the correct part is selected. Prompt delivery and love the M&Ms.”

“Please excuse my vulgarity, but FindPigtails kicked ass. Your website was easy to navigate, product was fairly priced and arrived exactly as shown on the web and as we expected. The timeliness of the part’s arrival was excellent. Quick service is an absolute must in our industry as you know. Thank you very much for your teams efficient, accurate and simplistic service. I’ve never been more pleased. You can expect our continued business on those hard to track down plugs and pigtails. Really appreciate you guys. Job well done.”

“You Did great ..Thanks .. We will use you again!”

Thank you … it’s always easy ordering through y’all.

“Everything was great! Thank you!”

“You guys rock! I work for northern California’s largest growing body shop. 16 stores and counting. I am letting them know about your services, Greatly appreciated the service and quick delivery

Will use you again!”

“Yes! Everything was great. Product fixed my issue and the customer service was awesome.”

“The pigtail we ordered, worked great. Thank you!”

“It was exactly what I needed and you were the only place I found it. Thank you!”

There was not a photo available on your site for the connector we needed. We sent Robert a photo of the cooling fan and he found the proper connector. I am not sure if I had the correct one picked out initially, but a few key questions from Robert got us the correct one. … Color matching the wires to OEM would be helpful. I am not concerned on the color for appearance, but it would be faster to install the pigtail If your wires matched the color of the vehicle wires.

You had the pigtail I needed … Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

“You all are great!! Thank you for getting the correct pigtail to me so quickly. I will definitely use you from now on.”

“Absolute over the top easy way to handle the electrical need of the collision industry!!”

“Everything worked out fine. Fast delivery and part was a perfect fit. TY”

“Great service, shipped quickly, and the connector fits perfectly. Will order again when needed.”

“Yes thank you absolutely amazing”

“It worked out great.”

“The price seemed a bit high, but shipping seemed to be at a fair time. Product was accurate. I was pleased with overall experience and quality 4/5 star rating.”

“You did great, connector was the correct one, was shipped very fast, will purchase again if pigtails & connectors are not available thru the dealer, thanks.”

“Top notch product! Thank you.”

“Thank you guys for supplying the industry with quality pigtails. Your pics are accurate shipping is fast and on time. Parts are a little pricy but cheaper than buying a complete harness.”

“Great job, good products. Correct products.”

“The order got lost somewhere but when I emailed the sales rep took care of it and got it sent out next day air ups. And my turn signals work perfectly now. Thanks for the great service.”

“Website was easy to use … quick delivery and they worked out perfect! Will definitely use you guys again”

“You and your team blew my mind I had an odd ball connector and in less than 2 minutes I was checking out with the exact connector I needed.”

“You guys did great … As a shop owner I really appreciate the service you provide.  The app is a great idea too!”

“The plug worked great, the service was excellent, Thank you!”

“Very satisfied to be able to use your product rather than purchase an entire wiring harness from the dealership. The customer was happy with the price difference as well! We will definitely be using you for more pigtails in the future!”

“Everything went well. We found what we needed and the chat rep was very quick. Found the item within seconds. Product is great quality. Kit was worth it. The products we needed were great. Thanks and will do business again!”

“I am very pleased with the service of FindPigtails.com, my order arrived earlier than expected and fit like a glove when I installed it.
Thank you for your service I will be back again if needed”

“Product and service went beyond my expectations!!! Product was plug and play. You guys saved me thousands of dollars. Very pleased! Thanks Findpigtails.”

“The upload photo feature didn’t work for my order but I emailed the photos and got a quick response with the correct part. It was more then I wanted to pay for the part but since you made it easy to find I bought it anyway. Thanks”

“The part ordered worked exactly the way it was supposed to. We had it the next morning after order and took less than 30 minutes to install. I highly recommend the products for anyone.”

“Wonderful service – thank you!”

“The product, and customer service, met my expectations. The pigtail arrived on Monday, as estimated, and was installed yesterday. The only thing lacking, and it was NO FAULT OF YOURS, was the shrink wrap … it was suggested with the order, and I did not order it. I am so happy that I came across your website, and I would have no problem testifying about my experience with your company, to others.”

“Everything worked out. Good job.”

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