Score your pigtails, here.

Below you will find our top-selling pigtails so far for 2019. They can be used for multiple Years, Makes, Models & Functions 👇

With the purchase of our pigtail kits, you can have any automotive connector at your fingertips, in your inventory ready-to-go, literally.

You'll also receive heavily discounted - wholesale, volume pricing as well.

Our best selling kits might be a good option - (click above) - which include the most popular connectors. Choose your quantity.

Or…you can purchase manufacturer-specific kits containing the most common pigtails for specific makes. Either way, you’ll have immediate access when you need them most.

Take it a step further with a fully customized kit. Just let us know exactly what you need.

Pigtail Connector Kits
Top Selling Connectors
Terminal Pin Connector Repair
Metal plates on a dark grunge style perforated background
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