Automotive Connector Repair: FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

My OEM connector is heavily damaged; how can I figure out what the appropriate replacement part is?

While it helps to have an intact pigtail for reference, we can still look it up without one.

If you've got a model year and you know what system the connector plugs into, you can search our catalog by vehicle make, model and model-year to get a list of matching parts.

If in doubt, just chat with us or send us an email; we can look it up for you and chances are, we can source it even if it isn't listed in our catalog.

I don’t have access to the OEM connector part number; how do I look it up?

Just search by model-year or chat with us for assistance.

My vehicle has aftermarket systems installed; will it require OEM connectors or something else?

Aftermarket systems may use different connectors. Often, we can identify the pigtail visually if it's intact, but please don't hesitate to chat with us for help finding your connector.

What kind of solder do I use to splice the connector to the OEM wire?

The use of high-quality solder in automobile connector repairs is critical for providing strong, dependable electrical connections that can survive the vibrations and temperature fluctuations that are prevalent in automotive applications. Low-quality solder can cause weak joints or corrosion over time, jeopardizing the electrical system's integrity and performance. Buy our High-Grade Solder here.

Where can I learn how to repair the connectors?

While the process will vary slightly by connector, the basics are usually consistent.

We've provided a walkthrough of the core concepts here, and we've published a growing list of connector-specific video guides here.

Are there any connectors which cannot be repaired?

Certain connectors may not be repairable in the area of automobile pigtail connector repairs, based on the criteria and restrictions imposed by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). In these circumstances, the OEM position statement is a critical resource, providing detailed instructions and policies addressing the repairability of certain connectors. Before undertaking any repairs, it is best to examine the OEM position statement to ensure conformity with their requirements and to determine whether a certain connector is repairable or must be replaced. This method contributes to the integrity and safety of the vehicle's electrical system.

View OEM position statements

Is the connector replacement process difficult?

The difficulty of replacing automobile pigtail connectors varies, but it is often achievable with the proper preparation and tools. It is critical to have the correct replacement connector and high-quality wire. It is also critical to use the proper tools, such as wire strippers, soldering irons, and heat shrink, to guarantee a secure and dependable connection. With these pieces in place, even those with rudimentary car repair knowledge can perform the task successfully. Anyone can be an connector specialist with the right tools and connectors.

I’m looking for a part which isn’t listed on your website; can you help?

Yes, we can assist you in locating the particular automobile connector you require. Although we have over 350,000 connections in stock, not all of them are featured on our website. We urge that you email us/chat us a picture or detail information about the pigtail connector you are searching for so that we can best assist you. This allows us to precisely identify the part and assist you in locating the exact connector you require for your automobile repair. Contact Us Today