Sometimes you want to see more than just automotive connectors, wiring hanress parts, pins and plugs.

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How to repair pigtails

Learn how to repair pigtails like de-pin/re-pin methods and electrical wiring harness repairs.

How to find your automotive connectors in seconds

Learn the fastest ways to get answers to the questions you have, now. Find your electrical connectors in 30 seconds or less by learning how to navigate our advanced pigtail smart app, surf and search our website for the pigtails you need, research terminals and pins and receive tech and schematics support.  In addition, learn how you can receive instant help with your preliminary estimates with real-time photo matching and Q&A.


Before Covid, we had the great opportunity to take our show on the road. Whether it was for trade shows like SEMA, AASP and NACE or golf tournaments, conferences and training, we documented all of it. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and see for yourself.

Here are a few examples of what you'll find on our YouTube page

How to repair automotive wiring harness connectors.

How to find and buy wire harness connectors in seconds.

Events like golf tournaments, conferences and trainings.

What tools to use when repairing automotive connectors.

Trade shows like SEMA, AASP-NJ, NACE (before it disbanded), more.

Other types of DIY repairs

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