Simplifying Automotive Repairs: A Guide to Depinning and Repinning L72A8 Pigtail Connector

L72A8 on hand with wires

L72A8 Pigtail Connector De-Pin/Re-Pin Introduction:Understanding different connectors and their functions is essential in the realm of automobile maintenance and modifications. The L72A8 connector is one that you’ll see frequently; it frequently needs to be depinned and repinned for various purposes. With the expertise and assurance to complete this procedure successfully, we’ll walk you through the…

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Automotive Pigtail Connector Maintenance and Care: Tips and Best Practices

hand holding a dirty automotive pigtail connector

Automotive connectors are essential components in modern automobiles Automotive connectors are crucial parts of contemporary cars that provide efficient power and data transfer between various electronic systems. To preserve optimal performance and durability, automotive connections need to be regularly maintained and cared for, just like any other mechanical component. This article will discuss some recommendations…

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The risks of using automotive electrical connectors

automotive harness and connectors and a wiring diagram

Electrical connectors also pose certain risks Automotive electrical connectors are a crucial part of modern automobiles. They are used to link the battery, alternator, starter, and different sensors to other electrical parts of the car. But, electrical connectors have some risks just like any other automotive component. We’ll go through a few of the dangers…

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What Are Automotive Pigtail Connectors Made Of?

Two automotive connectors and car wiring diagram with colors

Automotive electrical connectors are made of a variety of materials Automotive electrical connectors are made of a variety of materials, including: Plastic: Plastic is the most common material used for automotive electrical connectors. It is lightweight, durable, and resistant to corrosion. Metal: Metal is used for some connectors, such as those that carry high currents.…

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The Advantages of OEM vs. Aftermarket Automotive Connectors: Which is Right for You?

A stack of pigtail connectors and a connector kit

OEM Or Aftermarket Pigtail Connectors Vehicle technicians frequently have to decide between OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and aftermarket connector alternatives when dealing with automobile connectors. While both have advantages, it’s crucial to know what each offers in order to make a well-informed choice. OEM automotive connections are ones that were created and produced especially for…

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What is an automotive fastener

mr pigtails in baseball uniform with automotive fasteners

What is an automotive fastener? And how do you use them? The importance of automotive fasteners Automotive fasteners are an essential component of any vehicle. These small but mighty parts are responsible for holding everything together, from the body panels to the engine and transmission. There are many different types of automotive fasteners, each with its…

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Headlight Harness Connector For Hyundai or Genesis

close up of a 6 pin automotive connector

E71A6, A 6-Pin Connector Where do I find a headlight harness connector? If you are looking for a pigtail connector for your Hyundai Genesis, Kona, Santa Fe, or Elantra has the exact connector you need. The E71A6 is a 6 pin connector, some of the uses or applications for this pigtail are Daytime Running…

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Top 5 Ford Connectors

top 5 automotive connectors for ford

TOP 5 FORD AUTOMOTIVE CONNECTORS FORD CONNECTORS It’s the end of 2022, which means it’s time to dive into the most popular, top-selling automotive connectors for each manufacturer and category.  Today, let’s take a look at the top-5 selling Ford automotive pigtails and connectors. Something to keep in mind: Many of these connectors are interchangeable;…

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Automotive Wire Harness Assortment Kits

Pigtail Connectors on the Go! Ready-to-use and hand-selected with our most in-demand pigtails. offers an assortment of connectors in a well designed kit. The kit comes with 17 pigtails, it can be purchased with the most common replacement connector or can be customized to fit you need. For example if you specialize in European…

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Automotive Wiring Connectors Shopping Guide is the #1 Source of OEM Pigtail Connectors Looking for reliable oem automotive wire connectors? We are the number one source for complete pigtail wire connectors for all makes and models of cars. We have a large selection of high quality ready-to-ship and ready to install connectors for your almost any car, truck, trailer,…

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