How to solder harness wiring

How to solder wire harness wiring

How to repair and solder automotive wiring harnesses. Plus helpful wiring harness solder repair videos to help guide you.  Play Video What is soldering? Soldering is a common technique to join two pieces of metal together by melting and flowing a filler metal (solder) into the joint. It is often used in electronics to make…

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Why Replace A Wire Harness Plug Connector?

OEM Automotive Pigtails Replacements Automotive pigtail connectors are used to connect various electrical components in a vehicle, such as sensors, controls, and wiring harnesses. These connectors are subjected to a variety of harsh conditions, including vibration, extreme temperatures, and exposure to moisture and other contaminants. These conditions can cause the connectors to wear out or…

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What are the best automotive wire connectors?

Difference Between Good & Bad Quality Automotive Connectors only sells OEM pigtail connectors of high quality. We use the highest quality plastics, seals, terminals, and wires for our connectors. It’s not just the wire that makes a good connector, but the terminals and the connector case as well. There are many third-party websites that…

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Where to Buy Ford Wire Connectors?

You can find all your Ford Pigtails here at From everyday commuting cars to heavy duty trucks and cargo vans, they offer a full line of vehicles. Ford is one of the oldest automobile manufacturers in the United States. The company was founded by Henry Ford on June 16, 1903. The company’s brands include…

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How To Remove Wire Pins From Push-In Automotive Connector

how to depin an automotive connector l64a2

How To Remove Wire Pins From Push-In Automotive Connectors This video features L64A2, a 2-pin electrical connector most commonly used for these fitments and functions: AC Compressor Ambient Temperature Daytime Running Lamp Fog Lamp Keyless Entry Antenna L64A2: 2-Pin AC Compressor, Fog Lamp Connector Save severity, cycle time and money by learning how to depin…

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How to depin a connector using a Honda, Toyota pigtail

depin honda connector

How to depin a connector using a Honda or Toyota pigtail Z27C2Fog Lamp Connector for Honda, Toyota SUBSCRIBE TO US ON YOUTUBE! Check out the video below. If you like it, hit that subscribe button…we have a ton of connector repair, how-to videos and so much more.  How to depin a Honda and Toyota automotive…

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