How To Remove Wire Pins From Push-In Automotive Connector

how to depin an automotive connector l64a2

How To Remove Wire Pins From Push-In Automotive Connectors This video features L64A2, a 2-pin electrical connector most commonly used for these fitments and functions: AC Compressor Ambient Temperature Daytime Running Lamp Fog Lamp Keyless Entry Antenna L64A2: 2-Pin AC Compressor, Fog Lamp Connector Save severity, cycle time and money by learning how to depin…

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How to depin a connector using a Honda, Toyota pigtail

depin honda connector

How to depin a connector using a Honda or Toyota pigtail Z27C2Fog Lamp Connector for Honda, Toyota SUBSCRIBE TO US ON YOUTUBE! Check out the video below. If you like it, hit that subscribe button…we have a ton of connector repair, how-to videos and so much more.  How to depin a Honda and Toyota automotive…

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How to De-Pin a Hyundai, Kia Automotive Connector | Fog Lamp

how to depin hyundai connectors

– DEPINNING CONNECTORS – HOW TO DEPIN A HYUNDAI, KIA AUTOMOTIVE CONNECTOR | FOG LAMP Depinning Automotive Connectors, Hyundai and Kia We have numerous videos and posts demonstrating how to depin automotive connectors and in this post, we’re going to specifically discuss a fog lamp car connector used for a Hyundai and Kia vehicle.  …

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OEM Position Statements for Wiring Harness Repair, Connectors, Pigtails, Plugs

oem position statements wire repair

Here are the OEM position statements for automotive wire harness connectors, pigtails, and plugs.Oem position statements wire harness repair You can also find this detailed information here. When attempting a wiring harness repair, it is important to follow the OEM position statement guidelines. The following vehicles are “OK” to repair the wiring harness, but again…

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How to Replace an Ignition Coil Automotive Pigtail Connector

An easy way to replace a Toyota Ignition Coil Connector Checkout this quick video of how to replace a Toyota Ignition Coil Pigtail Connector. All you need for this repair is a small flathead screwdriver and a little patiences. This repair can be done in less than 5 minutes with the correct OEM connector from…

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En Donde Encontrar Conectores Automotrices Electricos

Conectores Automotrices Originales es el sitio en linea donde puedes encontrar mas de 350,000 conectores electricos originales para todas las marcas y modelos de carros. Encuentra enchufles de carro facil y sencillo, Busca por: Palabra Clave, Marca y Modelo, Numero de Entradas, Y Vin # Inventario Tenemos más de 350,000 conectores listos. Ofrecemos envío…

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