Future Trends in Automotive Electrical Systems

What Role Will Pigtail Connectors Play? In the realm of automotive evolution, few components have seen as many transformative changes as the electrical systems that power our vehicles. As we speed towards a future dominated by electric vehicles, smart cars, and cutting-edge innovations, one might wonder: where do pigtail connectors fit into this rapidly changing…

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FindPigtails.com at SEMA 2023

An Automotive Expert’s Hub in the Trade Show World Thousands of product innovations on display SEMA Show is the epitome of automotive trade show excellence, and this year, it promises to be more electrifying than ever. With thousands of product innovations on display, SEMA 2023 is the place where the newest and most iconic exhibitors…

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Ford Wire Routing Clip

Ford Wire Routing Clip, 5/16 X 3/4 available to buy at findpigtails

FORD WIRE ROUTING CLIP 5/16 X 3/4 VIEW IT ALL CLIPS Here’s how you can find this Ford Wire Routing Clip What is an automotive cilp? An automotive clip typically refers to a small fastener or clamp that is used in various parts of a vehicle to secure or hold different components in place. These…

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Toyota Electrical Connectors

A toyota v8 engine and 6 pigtail connectors used in toyota vehicles

Toyota employs a wide range of connectors in their vehicles. Toyota is a well-known automaker that employs a wide range of connectors in their vehicles. Connectors serve a variety of purposes in vehicles, including connecting electrical components, sensors, and actuators. Toyota’s most common connectors are the OBD-II connector, which is used for diagnostics, and the…

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AI Expert Finding Automotive Connectors

Mobile phone with the new version of FindPigtails.com smart app

AI Expert in Finding Automotive Connectors With all the latest talk on AI-related technologies, we wanted to remind you of our own AI; the FindPigtails Smart App. Take a photo in real-time for an instant match Upload an existing connector photo Find out more Play Video Play Video AI Expert The FindPigtails Smart APP is…

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TPMS Sensor and Automotive Connectors

close up of a tire's schrader valve and the oem connector for a tpms sensor

TPMS sensors and automotive connectors What are they and how do they correlate?  What is TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System)? A TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) sensor is a device that is installed in a vehicle’s tires to monitor the air pressure and send a warning signal to the driver when the pressure falls below…

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Automotive Connectors and Collision Repair

close up of a man sanding a car getting it ready to paint

Connectors play a critical role in the collision repair process Repairing auto collisions is crucial to keeping a car roadworthy and functional. Collision damage can significantly affect the structural integrity and performance of a vehicle, regardless of how severe the accident is. Therefore, it’s crucial to get professional assistance as quickly as you can if…

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a female robot staring at a car

Experts in Pigtails and Automotive ADAS Connectors ADAS Connectors are becoming more and more popular as the majority of vehicles are coming standard with ADAS technology. Trust the experts to guide you to locating the correct connector you need.  ADAS: Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are a set of electronic systems…

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Automotive Clips & Fasteners

12 automotive clips and fasteners for collision repair

Fasteners, Small But Essential Automotive clips and fasteners are small yet crucial parts of any vehicle. Everything, from the body panels to the engine components, is held in place by these tiny hardware components. Your car would fall to pieces without them. This post will discuss different automotive clips and fasteners, their functions, applications and…

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What is an automotive connector?

spot light on a 5 pin automotive connector with a automotive diagram in the back

There are over 100 types of connectors used in all makes and models of automobiles Automotive harness pigtail connectors are electrical plugs that are used to connect various components within a vehicle’s wiring harness. They are used to connect wires and cables that provide power and communication between different parts of a vehicle, such as…

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