A Buyer’s Guide to Electrical Harness Connectors for 18-Wheelers

Electrical harness connectors in 18-wheelers are more than just pieces of hardware When selecting electrical harness pigtail connectors for heavy-duty trucks, such as 18 wheelers, big rigs, tractors, semi-trucks, freighters, RVs, and motor homes, it’s crucial to understand the basics and the various types available to ensure optimal performance and safety. Understanding the Role of…

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Navigating Automotive Technology’s Future: Harness Connectors and ADAS

a female robot staring at a car

Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems The introduction of Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) and the critical function of automotive harness connectors have caused a tremendous shift in the automotive sector. These developments are changing the way that driving is experienced, improving safety, and advancing our progress toward a more automated and connected future. We examine the complexities of…

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Ford Electrical Connectors

ford engine and ford logo

Ford employs a diverse array of connectors in their vehicles Ford, a well-known automaker, uses a wide variety of pigtail connectors in their vehicles, which play an important role in the functionality of various systems. These connectors, which are required for connecting various electrical components, ensure the smooth transmission of electrical signals and power, preserving…

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Powering the Giants on the Road: Your One-Stop Shop for Heavy-Duty Connectors

semi truck driving through the streets

A Wide Array of Heavy-Duty Connectors The toughness and dependability of heavy machinery such as trucks, buses, and motorhomes are critical in the transportation industry. We understand the critical role that high-quality connectors play in the maintenance and performance of these vehicles at FindPigtails.com. That’s why we’ve expanded our product line to include a variety…

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The Importance of Quality Clips and Fasteners in Auto Safety

multiple car fasteners

Keeping vehicles secure: automotive clips and fasteners Drivers and passengers alike are concerned about automotive safety. When it comes to car safety, we often think of airbags, seatbelts, and crumple zones, but there’s another critical component that often goes unnoticed but plays a significant role in keeping vehicles secure: automotive clips and fasteners. In this…

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A Comprehensive Guide to Automotive Wiring Harness Repair

Automotive wiring harnesses are the unsung heroes of every vehicle Automotive wiring harnesses are the unsung heroes of every vehicle. These intricate networks of wires ensure that power and information flow seamlessly across every component of the car. Yet, like all heroes, they too can face challenges. If you’ve encountered issues with your vehicle’s wiring…

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Future Trends in Automotive Electrical Systems

What Role Will Pigtail Connectors Play? In the realm of automotive evolution, few components have seen as many transformative changes as the electrical systems that power our vehicles. As we speed towards a future dominated by electric vehicles, smart cars, and cutting-edge innovations, one might wonder: where do pigtail connectors fit into this rapidly changing…

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FindPigtails.com at SEMA 2023

An Automotive Expert’s Hub in the Trade Show World Thousands of product innovations on display SEMA Show is the epitome of automotive trade show excellence, and this year, it promises to be more electrifying than ever. With thousands of product innovations on display, SEMA 2023 is the place where the newest and most iconic exhibitors…

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Ford Wire Routing Clip

Ford Wire Routing Clip, 5/16 X 3/4 available to buy at findpigtails

Here’s how you can find this Ford Wire Routing Clip Posted in Automotive Industry Eric Palazzolo Eric Palazzolo is founder and president of FindPigtails.com, a Houston-based company dedicated to providing high-quality automotive connectors and top-shelf customer service to its clients in the collision repair industry. Posts navigation ← What Are Automotive Pigtail Connectors Made Of?The…

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Toyota Electrical Connectors

A toyota v8 engine and 6 pigtail connectors used in toyota vehicles

Toyota employs a wide range of connectors in their vehicles. Toyota is a well-known automaker that employs a wide range of connectors in their vehicles. Connectors serve a variety of purposes in vehicles, including connecting electrical components, sensors, and actuators. Toyota’s most common connectors are the OBD-II connector, which is used for diagnostics, and the…

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