What are the best automotive wire connectors?

Difference Between Good & Bad Quality Automotive Connectors

FindPigtails.com only sells OEM pigtail connectors of high quality. We use the highest quality plastics, seals, terminals, and wires for our connectors. It's not just the wire that makes a good connector, but the terminals and the connector case as well. There are many third-party websites that provide cheap and unreliable connectors, probably under $20. Cheap connectors may cause problems in the long run since the terminals aren't made with high quality material, and wires may not be heat resistant, resulting in more damage and a more expensive repair.

We make all our pigtail connectors to manufacturer specifications so they will fit and replace the OEM connectors with no modifications needed. Basically a one-to-one match, most of them come with pre-installed wired ready for immediate use, this helps your severity and cycle time.

Checkout the following video to learn more about our quality and our connectors.