2021 BMW M340i Main Headlamp Connector (L22B6)


This connector ships fully assembled with 10" of wires, terminals and seals. If you don't need wires or want them to be packaged separately, please indicate in the order notes at checkout. All wires in the connector will be the same color.

Don't forget your solder! A 60/40 tin-to-lead ratio designed especially for connector repairs. Includes 10-pieces of shrink-wrap.
Fitment Details

The following is not an exhaustive list of all supported makes and functions. Please take a moment to compare your connector and ensure it’s a match to the item pictured; just chat with us if you have any questions!
  • Main Headlamp (Option 2) for select BMW 330i
  • Main Headlamp for select BMW 330i
  • Main Headlamp for select BMW M340i

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