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Here's how the pigtail, connector smart app can benefit you:

Let's look at a real world example, something that just happened recently.
Take Adam, a new estimator/adjuster for an insurance company in California.  Adam was inspecting a 2017 Nissan Altima.

During his inspection, Adam discovered 2 damaged pigtails. In addition and adjacent to those damaged connectors, he also noticed two dangling wires where it appeared that the automotive electrical connector were completely gone.

In the past and in many common scenarios this would have been a cycle time and severity killer.

How could you write an accurate preliminary estimate if you don't even know exatly what is needed? Will a complete engine or body harness be necessary? Would buying an entire wiring harness put the vehicle over the threshold and make the vehicle total? If not, would this expensive harness be available? How long would it take to come in? How much R&I would be needed to completely gut the vehicle and remove the old harness while replacing it with the new one?


Can this harness just be repaired? Can these wires be repaired? Is it serviceable and "allowable" for repair per the OEM position statements. (you can also click here to see those position statements)


new dont buy

Luckily, Adam was just made aware of the pigtail smart app that we had just created.
Remembering this, he took out his cell phone and took 3 photos.

  1. Damaged pigtail #1
  2. Damaged pigtail #2
  3. Missing pigtail

For #1 this was an easy match. This damaged harness pigtail happened to be one of the most common pigtail in the automotive repair industry, L42B2

L42B2 is a fog lamp and headlight/headlamp automotive connector commonly used for Nissan makes and models.

#2 was easy, too! It needed the same pigtail. L42B2

#3 was a little different, but easy nonetheless. Since the actual pigtail was missing and only two, small dangling wires were present, Adam had no idea what should be there (he also discovered that the other side of the vehicle had it missing too).

But no problem.
Adam still took a photo of it because he knew that even though he wouldn't receive an instant match (because there was no pigtail there to match up) he knew that within a few seconds, after taking the photo, that a 12-volt pigtail, connector expert would be live chatting with Adam instantly.

Ruston, our director of operations was able to provide Adam with the information he needed ASAP: the exact pigtail he needed, price, availability, etc.

Luckily, Adam was able to save any heartache of a cycle time kryptonite.


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