Here are 10 cars that are being discontinued in 2021

Acura RLX
This was a full size sedan for Acura.

BMW i8
BMW's hybrid coupe.


Buick Regal
They didn't sell many of these in 2020


Chevy Impala
A vehicle that goes back to the 60's is no longer.


Honda Fit
Once named one of the best vehicles on a smaller scale when it appeared in 2006.


Lexus GS
A midsize luxury sports sedan says good-bye. It came into market in 1993


Toyota Yaris
Another small cars bites the dust.


Mercedes-Benz SLC Class
Considered a roadster which made its debut around 2011 and was praised for its retractable hardtop.


Alfa-Romero 4c Spider
An Italian performance vehicle known for exceptional handling says goodbye.


Cadillac CT6
This contains an autonomous (semi) driving feature. With a V8 engine it just couldn't sell like other Cadillac SUVs.

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