SEMA SHOW 2020 looked very promising.
We had tons of repair classes, seminars and workshops lined up to train anyone on how to repair all things pigtails, connectors, plugs, terminals, electrical wiring harnesses, you name it.

We also (finally) got to the big boy table, the main hall for collision repair and had prime real estate, doubling last year’s booth space.

We also had a lot of giveaways like:

  • de-pin terminal repair tools
  • free pigtails and connectors
  • connector catalogs
  • personal 1 on 1 training sessions
  • lots of swag

But, that’s okay.

There’s always next year. And we’ll make sure 2021 is even better planned, fingers crossed.

Because of Covid we went from having 26 events on the docket in 2020 to only attending one (in January).

But again, that’s okay.

Because ultimately, the most important thing is your safety, your family’s safety and your general well being, as well as ours.

Luckily, we have been able to stay open the entire time and still provide our customers with the excellent customer service they deserve.

It hasn’t always been easy. But our promise is to always be here when you need us, rain or shine…or pandemic.

Eric Palazzolo

Eric Palazzolo is founder and president of, a Houston-based company dedicated to providing high-quality automotive connectors and top-shelf customer service to its clients in the collision repair industry.