The Presidential Election is not the only important election

Some automotive wire connectors are harder to find than others, hence a 12 pin connector.

Vote for the pigtail company that you know will go the extra mile to make certain you receive what you need.

Severity and cycle time’s kryptonite used to be auto electrical connectors.

No longer.

When you visit it only takes 30 seconds to find what you need or at least be in direct contact with a connector expert, guaranteed.

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Historically, these connectors listed below used to be an achilles heal for collision repair shops and insurance adjusters.

  • 12 pin connectors
  • 8 pin connectors
  • Dodge Ram electrical connectors
  • Ford OEM electrical connectors
  • Electrical connector kits for purchase

But again, no longer.

When you vote and go to the polls to choose which candidate to support, there’s only one when you need electric terminal connectors – –


Eric Palazzolo

Eric Palazzolo is founder and president of, a Houston-based company dedicated to providing high-quality automotive connectors and top-shelf customer service to its clients in the collision repair industry.