128-Piece Precision Screwdriver Kit

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Product Description

128 pieces in 1. This precision and professional screwdriver repair kit is the perfect tool to assist you in repairing your own pigtails, de-pinning, or any general repair. It includes a total of 120 different bits, including Phillips, Flathead, Torx, Torx Security, Pentalobe, Triwing, and more. The hefty CR-V steel prevents this set from any form of abrasion, oxidation, and corrosion. Each bit includes a small part number engraved for easy identification and access. Duplicates are also included in case you misplace one. The bit handle is made of aluminum alloy with a built-in magnet on the handle head, absorbing the drive bits. The storage box and storage cloth are included allowing the flexibility to carry it in one hand.  

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