How to depin a connector using a Honda or Toyota pigtail


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depin automotive connector-honda

How to depin a Honda and Toyota automotive connector

To get started, first make sure you have the proper tools. We recommend using a de-pin, re-pin terminal release kit or a mini screwdriver set.

We have a lot of de-pin automotive connector tools here.

depin honda connector

Steps to depin an automotive connector

Step 1 : Remove the front cap

The front cap of an automotive connector will usually pop off pretty easily. In the above video's case, the front cap is green. For Z27C2, the front cap is easy to release by gently prying up on the cap with a small screwdriver. 

Step 2 : Locate the pins and the "catch"

Once the front face is removed you'll be able to locate and identify the pins and the "catch". The catch is what is going to allow you to actually remove the pins/terminals from the auto connector. You'll notice a catch on each side of the connector that acts as a lock, which locks the terminals in place. 

Step 3 : Release the catch

It's time to release the catch. See the photo on the right. The catch is circled in blue. It's a small plastic piece that locks the pins in place. Prying up or away on this catch is what will allow you to release the pins and connector wires. 

  1. With your small screwdriver or depin tool, gently and carefully pry up on the catch
  2. As you are prying on the catch, at the same time (this is very important) pull the terminals/wires out of the back of the automotive connector. It's important to note that you have to do this at the same time as you are prying up on the catch. 
  3. Use one hand to pry on the catch and the other hand to pull out the pins and wiring. 
  4. Do this for each pin or terminal on the connector. So if you have a 2-pin connector, you'll do this two times. If you have a 8-pin connector you'll do this eight times, and so on. 
Step 4 : Repin the connector

Install the pins. You will install the pins simply by doing a reverse procedure from when you depinned your connector. 

  1. Make sure you have the pin oriented correctly so that the catch will grab and connect. Basically, make sure when inserting the pin back into the housing, it pushes back in cleanly. If you have it upside down, do not force it back in as it may damage the pin or catch. 
Step 5 : Listed for the click

As you insert the wire and pins back into the connector the catch will cleanly grab it back, making a light clicking noise. Once you hear that click, you'll know that the connector has been repinned successfully. 

Very carefully pull on the wires to make sure it's securely back in place. It's important to be certain that the terminals and wires are back in place secure and snug. 

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