How to Repair Automotive Connectors

Check out some of our most popular videos to repair automotive connectors.

This is just a very small portion of our content for de-pinning and re-pinning automotive connectors but we wanted to provide you with a quick look at some of our most popular videos.

You'll find 6 videos below and one bonus video a little further down.

Top Repair Videos

Top Connectors

Here is a quick video listing the top-selling connectors and how to properly repair them. 


This is a 3-pin automotive connector. Learn how to repair it here. 


Checkout how to de-pin a 1-pin horn, automotive connector. Also a very common pigtail. 

Tools and Pigtails

A video discussing the most recommended tools and how to use them to de-pin connectors.

repair 10 pin connector

This is our top-selling, most common 10-terminal automotive connector. 


Top-3 selling automotive connector. It's function is for a fog lamp for Kia, Hyundai. 

Video #1 reviews the top-selling, most common electrical connectors. Thans can range from fog lamp, horn, running lamp, headlight and turn signal connectors.

Video #2 reviews a 3-pin wire connector, Y210B3. This is a standard front turn signal connector with 3 terminals.

Video #3 discusses horn connectors, specifically Y11A1. This connector is commonly used for Lexus, Toyota models.

Video #4 is a popular one. Not only does it demonstrate how to repair these connectors by de-pin and re-pin but it also reviews the top, most recommended repair tools that should be used.

Video #5 demonstrates how to repair large connectors. In this case we use our top-selling 10-pin connector, Y66A10. This automotive connector is used for blind spot collision sensor fitments and Toyota, Lexus functions.

Video # 6 is one of our most viewed videos on YouTube. It's for L43A2. This is a 2 terminal automotive connector used for Hyundai, Kia and for a fog lamp fitment.

And lastly, our bonus video. This is one of our most detailed video demonstrating how to repair automotive connectors. It's for our top-selling, most commmon pigtail, Z27C2. This is a 2-pin connector and it can be used for a wide array of functions and fitments.

Bonus Video, Z27C2

Below is our top-selling, most common automotive connector; Z27C2

Visit our YouTube page to find a ton of helpful repair videos for de-pinning, re-pinning, automotive electrical harness repair, automotive connector FAQs, how-tos and much more. 

If you want to see the complete details and fitment/functions list for each of these automotive connectors mentioned, you can. Just type each of these part numbers into your search bar and it will populate.


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...and one more bonus...

How to Solder Wires

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