How to Depin 2-Pin Auto Connectors

how to depin auto connectors

Other top-selling auto connectors 2-Pin E41A2 (2-Pin Connector) $106.65$106.65 View Product 2-Pin L64A2 (2-Pin Connector) $106.65$106.65 View Product 2-Pin A31A2 (2-Pin Connector) $106.65$106.65 View Product 2005 Hyundai Accent D81B3 (3-Pin Connector) $113.32$113.32 View Product Posted in How-To, Training Eric Palazzolo Eric Palazzolo is founder and president of, a Houston-based company dedicated to providing high-quality…

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How to solder harness wiring

soldering tool, solder and automotive harness connectors

Top-Selling Solder, Wire Harness, and Pigtail Repair Tools Sale! Small Tools Tech Tool 2 – 63pc $35.99 Original price was: $35.99.$24.99Current price is: $24.99. View Product Sale! Small Tools 128-Piece Precision Screwdriver Kit $89.99 Original price was: $89.99.$50.00Current price is: $50.00. View Product Sale! Small Tools Professional Crimp Tool $170.00 Original price was: $170.00.$139.99Current price…

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How To Remove Wire Pins From Push-In Automotive Connector

how to depin an automotive connector l64a2

How To Remove Wire Pins From Push-In Automotive Connectors This video features L64A2, a 2-pin electrical connector most commonly used for these fitments and functions: AC Compressor Ambient Temperature Daytime Running Lamp Fog Lamp Keyless Entry Antenna L64A2: 2-Pin AC Compressor, Fog Lamp Connector Save severity, cycle time and money by learning how to depin…

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How to Re Pin an Automotive Connector, D81B3

how to repin automotive connector

First and importantly: Make sure the quality of material is good. Meaning; terminals, seals, wires that can handle high temps. Remove the front face of the pigtail by using a small tool to pry up on the face and pull it out with the opposite hand. (Check out the first video above to see exactly…

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How to depin a connector using a Honda, Toyota pigtail

depin honda connector

How to depin a connector using a Honda or Toyota pigtail Z27C2Fog Lamp Connector for Honda, Toyota SUBSCRIBE TO US ON YOUTUBE! Check out the video below. If you like it, hit that subscribe button…we have a ton of connector repair, how-to videos and so much more.  How to depin a Honda and Toyota automotive…

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How to De-Pin a Hyundai, Kia Automotive Connector | Fog Lamp

how to depin hyundai connectors

– DEPINNING CONNECTORS – HOW TO DEPIN A HYUNDAI, KIA AUTOMOTIVE CONNECTOR | FOG LAMP Depinning Automotive Connectors, Hyundai and Kia We have numerous videos and posts demonstrating how to depin automotive connectors and in this post, we’re going to specifically discuss a fog lamp car connector used for a Hyundai and Kia vehicle.  …

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Depin Automotive Electrical Connectors [Recommended Tools]

tools for depinning electrical connectors

Popular Automotive Electrical Connector Depin Tools Screwdrivers, wire strippers, and de-pin tools are some of our favorites, specifically the depinning terminal release kit. There are many sets and sizes to choose from. See them here MINI SCREWDRIVER SET Basic but helpful What people love about this kit is it contains a specific size that other…

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