How to Depin 2-Pin Auto Connectors

how to depin auto connectors

Other top-selling auto connectors 2-Pin E41A2 (2-Pin Connector) $106.65$106.65 View Product 2-Pin L64A2 (2-Pin Connector) $106.65$106.65 View Product 2-Pin A31A2 (2-Pin Connector) $106.65$106.65 View Product 2005 Hyundai Accent D81B3 (3-Pin Connector) $113.32$113.32 View Product Posted in How-To, Training Eric Palazzolo Eric Palazzolo is founder and president of, a Houston-based company dedicated to providing high-quality…

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How to Find an Automotive Electrical Connector in 10 Seconds

How to Find an Automotive Electrical Connector in 10 Seconds “I’m so happy I found your site which guided me to your app. Man, I wish I found you months earlier, this has been a life saver” Download App Improve Severity and Cycle-Time.  Do you have an electrical connector and need to complete your preliminary…

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Quick tips: De-pin a 3-pin auto connector (Y210B3)

3 Quick Tips Depinning Automotive Connectors Y210B3 In this how-to, we are using automotive connector Y210B3. Here are the fitments and functions, below (scroll over each logo)   See it Most Nissan Models Front turn signal Most Toyota, 2 Lexus Models Front turn signal (Also Lexus)AC Compressor (Lexus) Outlander, Lancer Daytime running lamp SUVs, Trucks,…

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How to find wiring harness connectors by the manufacturer

SEARCH BY MANUFACTURER Make-Model-Year One of the easiest and most user-friendly ways to find the wiring connector you need is to simply search by the manufacturer. We offer many intuitive ways to connector search but we also understand that too many options can provide a “looking for” rabbit hole that can be hard to escape…

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How to find wiring harness connectors in 10 seconds using Y110A2

Y110A2 Toyota, Nissan, Lexus, Honda Fitments A/C Pressure Sensor Fog Lamp Headlight Side Marker Turn Signal Windshield Washer Pump Y110A2 Step 1: Take a photo or upload an existing one To quickly find your pigtail in 10 seconds, there are two ways. Both are extremely convenient and will aid in the improvement of cycle-time and…

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Basic automotive wiring pigtails search tips and tricks

future pigtail technology

How to choose the right automotive connector, pigtail you need. Check out this automotive connector selection guide and a few ways to find the electrical connector you need in 30 seconds or less. This video demonstrates 3 very effective ways to find your wiring harness connectors: Search by model, year For example: just type in…

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