Learn How to De-Pin Your Own Automotive Connectors


De-pinning your automotive connectors...Save severity and cycle-time by learning how to keep your repairs in-house, sublet out less work, and repair your own pigtails

Repairing your own automotive connectors isn't as hard as some may think. 

We've added a lot of repair videos to help you learn how to do just that...de-pin and re-pin connectors, pigtails, and plugs. 


Here's an example. To the left is a link to take you to our YouTube page. This page includes Repair videos, how-to tutorials, and essential pigtail information.

Let's say you need help learning how to repair an 8-pin automotive connector.

We have a video just for that! 

R62C8 is our #1 top-selling 8-pin automotive connector.

When watching R62C8's repair video, you'll receive detailed information on how to correctly de-pin and re-pin the terminals for this pigtail (and many others).


Eric Palazzolo

Eric Palazzolo is founder and president of FindPigtails.com, a Houston-based company dedicated to providing high-quality automotive connectors and top-shelf customer service to its clients in the collision repair industry.