Most Common Types of 6-Pin Automotive Connectors

You'll see these electrical connectors the most (6 terminals) in the automotive repair industry.


Most Common Types of Electrical Connectors, 6 Terminals

Here are the top-5 most common 6-pin automotive connectors you'll see in the automotive repair industry. 

  • H43C6

    Tail lamp for select Nissan Versa

  • L31B6

    Fog lamp, front camera, front radar/sonar sensor, park distance sensor

  • B41B6

    Alternator, daytime running lamp, fog lamp, front turn signal, main headlamp, rear turn signal, tail lamp

electrical connector types
  • E71A6

    Daytime running lamp, front turn signal, main headlamp

  • Y41C6

    Front turn signal, headlight high and low beam, LED lamp, main headlamp, windshield washer pump


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